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Follicular tests results query

I am 27 years old and missed my periods in the month of Dec. Urine tests and blood tests for pregnancy were negative. Before this, my periods were regular. Both my ovaries showed (Poly Cystic Ovary) PCO occurrence  
I have done 3 Follicular tests which shows the follwing:
Day12: Right Ovary - MSF, Left ovary MSF, Endometrium - 6mm
Day 16: 14*14, MSF, 8mm
Day 19: - , MSF, 8.4mm

What does this result mean? Also my doc has given me medicines Foliline for 3 months and Microprogesta 200mg for 15 days. What is the second medicine for?
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Your results seem consistent with PCOS. I assume "MSF" stands for "multiple small follicles", which means you don't have a dominant follicle that grows and matures for ovulation. The only thing that throws me off, is the "14*14" on day 16. If this is a follicle then maybe you did in fact ovulate this month (it is gone again by day 19), but it seems weird that they wouldn't have seen this follicle on day 12. It is very unusual not have a dominant follicle by day 12. But either way, the microprogesta is a progesterone supplement that will help sustain a possible pregnancy if you did in fact ovulate; and if not, it will probably trick your body into thinking you ovulated so you can start a new cycle. Will you be going back in to your doctor after the 15 days are up?
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Thanks for the answer :)
Doc told me that I am ovulating a lil late.
So the PCOS is still there....

well yes the doc told me if I have periods during the 15 days I have to go and meet her on the second day and if even after 4-5 days of stopping the medicine periods do not occur, i have to do a urine test and meet her.
Also my husband is not here for another 13-14 days so I assume that periods will occur within the 15 days.
If the periods do not occur even after 20 days and pregnancy test is negative what would it mean? Does this happen?
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My left ovary msf and right ovary 13.5mm and endometrium 9.5mm on 20th day can i get pregnant.Anybody help me
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