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Found My TTC Friends #8

The other post has gotten wayyyy long, so i thought i would take it upon myself to start a new thread....hope everyone finds thier way...hugs and luv
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Thank you!!! The other one was getting to long and was taking forever to load. How is everyone doing? I'm getting closer to testing! I'm going to go buy HPT today and probably test tomorrow! I'm suppose to get AF on the 3rd I sure hope I don't! BBS hurt and I'm eating & drinking alot more. So I hope this is a good sign!!
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joyce: thanks for starting the new thread! I'm so sorry about the troubles you are going through with your ex... My brother has two kids with his ex and it is unreal some of the things she has done. Broken every court order and because he can't afford to fight it, she wins every time. Child custody can be tough. I hope it all works out for you though. I would think they could at least share his birthday's with you. You know, every other year or something like that?

ltlyn: good luck on testing tomorrow!
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phenomwoman: 21DPIUI
ad_06: 14DPO
ashleighnb: CD34
kramik: 13DPIUI
jen023: 13DPO
ltlyncutie87: 12DPO
ashort: CD24  
joyce: CD21
torismommy: CD20
aweeonetolove: CD10
trish: taking a break?

lamb18: Baby Girl JayLynn Due Septmeber 16!
ziggysgrl: Baby Girl Due September 20!
silirama: Baby Girl Elani Due September 22!
wannabamommy: Baby Boy due?
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Hi Ladies!
Thank you for starting the new thread Joyce!  I haven't looked at the old thread so I'm not updated on you all.  But I can tell that Jen and Ltyln are still in the game!  Yipee!  Do you guys have any symptoms?  I'm rooting for you!
Joyce, I'm not sure what problems you are having, but I hope they iron out soon.  Ex's can be a real pain in the butt.
How is everyone?  I'm doing well but nothing to report yet. I haven't O'ed yet and no sign of it happening yet.  Good luck ladies!
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You still have plenty of time for O... should be happening soon though, right? Lots of luck to you!!! Yes, I'm still in the game this month! I'm getting excited - and know I probably shouldn't be, but... I've felt sick to my stomach a few times this last week... twice even ran to the bathroom thinking I was going to be sick. Never thought that would make me so happy! lol!! Other than that, a few cramps a few days ago but that's about it. Keeping my fingers crossed though... AF should show today or tomorrow if she's going to... so I hope she doesn't!
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Well today is 13dpiui and I tested on Sunday to get a BFN.  I have no sign yet that AF is coming so hopefully she will decide to let me be pregnant and not come -- LOL (Wishful thinking)  Well I will retest again tomorrow and see what happens if BFN and still no AF I will call the re and see what they wanna do -- I mean afterall they said if no AF 14 days after IUI to call them and tomorrow is day 14!  Good luck to all still waiting to test.  Fingers crossed for you guys.
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aweeone-Yes I am still in the game!!!


Sore BBS
Eating a lot
Drinking a lot (Peeing a lot
BITCHY(oh wait I am all the time haha just kidding)
emotional( I am all the time too but really bad lately)

I had a little bit of cramping today but nothing to big. I'm going to go buy HPT tonight and test tomorrow and see what I get. I'm suppose to get AF on Wednesday we will see.

Jen-Best of luck to you hun! I hope we both get our BFP's!!!
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So many of us are at that "crucial" testing time! It is WAY past due for some BFP's in here so I think this month is the month for them to be rolling in! Best of luck to ad, ltlyn, kramik, ME! :), and anyone else testing this week!

I get to keep my 9 mo. old niece, JaeLynn, all night on Wednesday... they live 2 hours away and I don't get to see much of her so I'm extremely excited and can't wait until Wednesday. She's just learned to wave and say bye bye (although it sounds like baba)... she is the sweetest!
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well i just took a test and got a bfn =(
if I'm out this month I'm going to be leaving this website for good.
and see if that helps me.
it was really nice getting to know you ladies best of luck to everyone.
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ltlyn: sorry to hear about your bfn! don't give up hope yet... I know it gets so frustrating but you just have to keep telling yourself that it WILL happen someday and try to always look toward the next month. I've gotten to a point where I don't test anymore unless AF is late... which hasn't happened in a long, long time. It has really helped me. I don't expect to be pg, I expect AF instead... that way I'm not let down as bad - and if one day AF doesn't show, it will be that much sweeter... unfortunately for me, this is the first month in a long time where i've really gotten my hopes up. I guess I would consider AF late if she doesn't show by tomorrow... So I'm still hoping... and it's not over yet for you either until she shows. Wishing you the best of luck!
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Well guys I am out -- AF showed up today right when she was supposed to.  Ugh another cycle I have to go through.  Good luck to all that are still waiting.
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Its a bit late, but can I join the thread?  I am at cd25, probably about 10 dpo, my cycle is usually btwn 25-27 days.

Did Femara this cycle and definitely BD enough around ovulation. But still skeptical.  May test tommorrow at 11dpo.  Is that just too early?  Usually would wait a few more days but am going out of town and if AF is coming, need to pickup my Femara refill.  

I'm a bit more tired, headache and stuffy (like I have allergies but I don't).  Odd cramps on the side off and on the last week.  Think maybe the fires could be causing the headache and stuffiness, although the air quality is improving.  I guess I'm trying to find other reasons for these "symptoms: so as not to get my hopes up!  
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rene - absolutely!! We would love to have you join us! I know what you mean, I keep trying to find other reasons too for my "symptoms" - definitely don't want to get my hopes too high just to be let down... let us know whether you test or not! Looking fwd to hearing the outcome!

kramik - well...drat! I was really hoping you were going to start a BFP trend! So sorry that AF showed... how are you doing? That's about all you can do... look to the next cycle.

phenomwoman: 22DPIUI
ad_06: 15DPO
ashleighnb: CD35
jen023: CD30; 14DPO
ltlyncutie87: 13DPO
rene67: CD25; 10DPO
ashort: CD25  
joyce: CD22
torismommy: CD21
aweeonetolove: CD11
kramik: CD1
trish: taking a break?

lamb18: Baby Girl JayLynn Due Septmeber 16!
ziggysgrl: Baby Girl Due September 20!
silirama: Baby Girl Elani Due September 22!
wannabamommy: Baby Boy due?
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Sorry to hear that AF showed up Kramik.  That *****!  Boo to AF!  Hopefully next month will yield some better results.

Ltyln - Sorry to hear about your test.  Although Jen is right, it might be too early for you to test ~ You never know.  Also, I think she's got some good ideas: Try not to get your hopes up too much each month, try not to test until after AF is late...Although I know this is easier said then done.

Jen - I hear you about getting your hopes up:  My hopes are soooo UP for you!  I think you have some great symptoms and AF is beginning to sound a little late.  I know what you mean, it ***** to be let down when it doesn't happen but one of these months, one day, it WILL happen and your hopes won't be let down. And that BFP will make all these months worth it.  Oh! And have fun with your niece that sounds so exciting. I loved spending all that time in Edmonton with my best friend and her daughter. I think, in an odd way, one years old are a bit easier than parents make it all out to be.  I enjoyed living with her and helping out with all the feeding, naps, diaper changing and teaching her to walk and say funny cute things.  You enjoy your niece just as much!

Welcome Rene - It's not too late to join this thread at all, we've had lots of newcomers as of late.  I think 11dpo is a bit early to test but if you're going out of town and need to refill your Femera ~ It can't hurt.  The only thing is, you might have tested to early and be stuck with all those unnecessary meds...however, it's better to have the Femera so that you are safe.  Good luck and I'm wishing you well!

As for me ladies, life is good. I'm not temping and charting like I normally do, so I'm not putting too much hope in for this month.  I've been a bit lazy and I want to (as crazy as this seems) avoid a BFP in case I do get that job.  I had a dream last night that friends of mine gave birth to their daughter (she's due anyday now) and that her daughter weighed 12lbs.  She looked like a 3 month old baby but was beautiful!  Although they were going to name her something nuts like, Resistance.
Anyways, good luck ladies.  And those of you who are out~Let's kick butt next month!
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Thanks for the comments.  

Aweeone...must be nice not to think about it this month!  Actually I *think* I would be OK with BFN this month only 'cause I'm going on vacation.  But I'm still in the game.  I really don't want to test tommorrow but may.  If its BFP that will solve all my problems!

Jen...just keep holding on, maybe this month is it.  Let's keep our fingers crossed for both of us!
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rene: thanks so much! I'm keeping them crossed! :) I think aweeone's suggestions are right on about testing... it may be too early, but if you need to know... it wouldn't hurt.

aweeone: I'm happy to hear that things seem to be going really good for you right now. You seem to be in a happy place in your life right now! Have you heard anything about the job yet... I remember you saying they would narrow it down to like 30 or something. No AF yet for me... I just keep waiting thinking she's going to show any minute... how crazy I am today! I can imagine how much fun it must have been to live with and help care for your friend's daughter... JaeLynn has been at my parents for the last couple days (she's visiting for the week :) so I've already gotten to see her... so sweet!! I found out I actually get to keep her tomorrow night and part of Thursday night... yay!! I can't wait!! And don't worry... I will enjoy every minute with her! :o)
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Thanks.  I was gonna take a month or so off -- but dh really wants to keep going so I go back to RE on Thursday for us and bw and will start injections again -- But if this don't work this cycle I will take some time off --

Good luck to those still waiting to test -- SOMEONE PLEASE START A BFP TREND ON HERE.
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Good luck to you with this next cycle then... I hope it works for you this time, I really do. You are right on... someone needs to get a BFP in here... maybe then the trend will continue. I really don't think I've even seen one since I started coming here...
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Hey Girls!

I would like to join?  Can I?  LOL

I was on the lucky thread, but it disappeared!  Anyway, I am currently 10 dpo according to Fertility Friend.  I got my my + on OPK on June 19, but FF said the 21...so I am going to go with that.  So I am currently 10 dpo!  I tested yesterday, stupid me found a HPT chillin' in my cabinet and was like OHHHHH I will take that tomorrow with FMU.  BFN.  But I know it is way to early.  Saturday will be 14 dpo, so I am going to at least try to wait until then.  FF says wait until a week from today!  So far, these are my symptoms....and I haven't been keeping track for few months, but this month definitly feels different....

-cramping since O.  Pretty consistent.  Has been wrapping around my back as well
-sore bbs...tender to the touch and when riding in a bumpy golf cart!  Nipples don't hurt though.
-a little heartburn off and on....just indigestion
-was really tired right after O, now just a little low energy level
-temping, and temp staying up
-had a large dip 7 dpo, but FF is so stingy it never tells you if it is an implantation dip
-a little emotional, but not terrible.

I think that is about it!  It is hard because all of these can be symptoms of AF...

Let me know what you guys think!

So sorry about all the BFN's.  Jump back on that horse!  Gotta keep tryin!

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Hi Heather! Glad to see you join our thread! You are always welcome!

You are right... those could all be AF symptoms, but I hope they are something else! I don't have any HPT's laying around the house, but if I did, I would probably give in and test too... lol! As soon as we go grocery shopping, I'll get one! Just too much going on this week and I haven't had time to go. Tonight is a welcome home party for my niece and nephews and tomorrow and Thursday nights I'm babysitting. Late Thurs night is a party at my aunt's for 4th of July and same at my mom's on Friday. So maybe Saturday?? LOL... I doubt I can wait that long... maybe I'll break down and buy an expensive one from our local market... we'll have to see... lots of luck to you!
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Count me in your TTc group as well. have been trying for 3 months, and just found out that I am not yet pregnant. Very disappointed and anxious(sp?). I had 2 Mcs this past year, and both times I got pregnant the very first month that I tried.
Do you ladies know if the mild infection that I developed during my last MC could cause permanent damage and infertility?

Hope you alll get your BFP soon.
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Hi Lily... welcome to our group! We are thrilled to have so many newcomers! I'm so sorry about your previous m/c's... I've also gone through two, although my last one was about two years ago. I hope next month has a better outcome for you!
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tic toc tic toc....waiting for results of the beta ......... grrr.......... a beer would be nice??ooohhhh, its soooooo hot and its been sooooooooooooooooo long!! :)~
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I guess I'm out too ladies... looks like AF is here... I really thought this was it, but I guess not... I'll be taking off next month from ttc and then will start all over again. Still holding out hope for the rest of you ladies!
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