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Fragile X test as a cause of premature ovarian failure???

Anyone having this done? My RE is doing this test and here is all I could find.....

When a woman's ovaries stop functioning before the age of 40, she is said to experience premature ovarian dysfunction (also called POF). This can occur sporadically, and may also affect several women in the same family. There are both nongenetic and genetic causes for POF, including Fragile X syndrome.
It is estimated that around 1 percent of women in the general population will experience POF. In several studies, women who carry a premutation for Fragile X have a 14 to 16 percent risk of developing POF. Approximately 1 in 246 to 1 in 468 women carry a Fragile X premutation.
Reproductive Options and Fragile X

Because Fragile X syndrome is an inherited condition, and women who carry a premutation are at increased risk to have a child with full mutation Fragile X, it is strongly recommended that all women who are carriers of Fragile X syndrome receive genetic counseling prior to getting pregnant or beginning reproductive technology treatments.
Women who carry Fragile X premutations may have lower success rates with some common reproductive treatments, because their ovaries may not respond as well to certain medications. Every woman responds differently, however, and some women who are Fragile X premutation carriers have had success with assisted reproductive technologies.
Women with Fragile X premutations have reproductive options that include:
Attempting natural conception at an earlier age, to minimize possible effects of POF
Deciding whether prenatal diagnosis provides information that they would want to know prior to birth
Deciding to try in vitro fertilization, either with or without preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD)
Using donor eggs
Deciding to adopt children
Deciding to not have children
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I just had it done. I thought I had everything too. How was the Cali vacation?
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I just had it done last month & came up negative.   Good Luck.
I thought I mentioned it to you but I thought you said you did all the tests already......I am sure yours will be negative too.
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