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Getting pregnant

what are some things you ladies have tried to become pregnant? I've been trying for a little over a year and each Obgyn I've seen tells me I'm find nothing's wrong, but nothing we do helps. I try to not stress and just go with it but after watching friend after friend become pregnant again I can't help but become depressed about it. Since we've been trying for so so long, I feel selfish over it too but I'm happy for them most of them are good parents some sadly should be having anymore but that's not my business.
I know some people have different things that helped them like certain foods, pills, positions, timings, etc... What has helped or did worked for you?
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How old are you? I'm almost 46 and we've been trying for 2 years. I would highly recommend a fertility endocrinologist. Believe it or not, fertility "specialist" don't know about hormones unless they're interested in them. But there are some other things it could be too. Here's my story:

After 2 1/2 yrs of trying, and since last August, I'd been having a week of spotting THEN my period. NOT NORMAL. So, I had an HSG to clean out my plumbing. Turns out I had one closed fallopian tube and the other was "sluggish".There's no test for that, they just have awesome success post HSG for pregancy-it cleans it all out.  But, a month later, still no pregnancy and still spotting. So the Dr dx me with "corpus luteum disorder".

  After these past 3 months of being treated ONLY to make sure I ovulated (which I had been and continue to even withOUT Letrizole and HCG injections) and not  for the supposed "cause" of corpus luteum disorder, I FIRED the "specialist".

But, FINALLY an ARNP has taken interest in me and my hormones. My last FSH/LH test showed the FSH double the LH, which she said is a possible sign of PCOS, but to make sure, it has to be done on my cycle, along with a fasting blood sugar (high level is another indication of possible PCOS). Last week, had it all done while on my monthly, and the FSH is over 9 and the LH is 4. And the fbs is high normal (5.something out of 6). She's sending me for an ovarian U/S, and with all that combined, I just may have PCOS. IN the meantime, she's given me Metformin.

    Puzzle pieces falling together here. I had a dermoid cyst inside my rt ovary about 25 yrs ago. Last month, a "fertility specialist" did a follicular U/S, showed me my rt ovary that looked like it had just released an egg (hello-this was cycle day 16!) and there was something dark and round attached to it. He said it was "probably another follicle"....uh, could it also be, oh, I don't know, a CYST??

  I will see another "specialist" tomorrow to let him know what I'm doing, what the ARNP is doing for me and see if he'll be my OB (I'm hopeful again).

    Can you believe it? Not one medical Dr took interest in this. I mentioned Metformin a year ago to my family dr & she could have started to look into PCOS. The flipping' fertility specialists could have looked into it too. The blood work was there from last November, not only showing the FSH/LH levels, but also that I'd been ovulating (this is tested on C21-23 progesterone blood work)..... ugh. NOOBS!!

OH-and I'm also taking Magnesium and Maca powder (I put it in capsules), that's good for fertility as well. I've tried SOOO much natural stuff prior to the HSG, that now, I'm going back to it, with the Metformin.

LASTLY-the ARNP said to (of course) lay with your legs up (I bend mine at the knees for comfort) post sex, with your bum on a pillow. BUT-she also said hubby needs to orgasm first THEN me (not our usual) so the orgasm/contraction of the uterus "*****" the sperm up more. THIS was new info to me! LOL My mom about DIED when I told her this. I laughed at her. :-)

Hope this helps/gives you ideas Here's to us TTC!!!
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Thank u I am only 23 years old
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You could try depositing sperm in a diva cup. It will ensure that sperm is tight up against your cervix and have the best possible chance of working. My partner and I tried this with success! (it is worth a try). I always wonder if we would have had success no matter what since we weren't trying long but , it did work. I'm currently 7 weeks.
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What are you doing to track your cycle and ovulation? I recommend using ovulation prediction kits (clearblue from pharmacy or Amazon) as well as taking your basal body temp every morning. If you don't know how to do this, just look bbt and you'll see tons of info. Make sure you time sex every day (or every other day) leading up to ovulation (the prediction kit will let you know when you are getting close).
Check out fertility friend, they have tons of tutorials on timing of sex. Remember, you are really only fertile for 24 hours per cycle (that's how long the egg lives but sperm can live for up to five days).  

For natural stuff, you can try vitex,  inositol supplements, vitamin e, a good prenatal vitamin (which has folic acid and you should be on for at least 3 months before conception), omega 3(you can do fish oil, I just put 1-2 tablespoons of flaxseed oil in smoothie every day), and make sure you are hydrated, exercise regularly, and get good sleep. Avoid caffeine, high-processed foods, don't eat too much sugar.

Good luck!!!
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