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Getting pregnant with only one tube, do I need a RE?

As a result of a ruptured ectopic 6 years ago I have only one tube. I have a 4 year old DD but have been trying for #2 for about 3 years now. I have been to my ob/gyn and he did blood work and tells me the issue is not me.  However the info I have read leads me to believe it is me thats the issue. I asked about clomid and my doctor said i'd have to go to a specialist to get it and that I don't need it. The closet RE is about 2 hours away. I had an HSG done a couple months before I got preggo with DD and obviously it was clear. Should I request another HSG since it's been about 5 years now? Should I go see a RE? my cycles vary between 23-30 days and are much lighter than before I was pregnant. My progesterone level was 1.91 on day 23 of a 25 day cycle. LH 4.18 FSH 7.44 and TSH 1.71 all done on day 5 of a 25 day cycle. An ultrasound on day 27 should an endometrium of 3mm. I am 29 years old and 120lbs. I have a history of pelvic congestion.  DH hasn't submitted his test.
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Any thoughts? Should I trust my gyn or seek an RE?
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u can still concieve with 1 tube however its just every other month.Is my understanding. I dont think it would hurt to seek the advice of a RE. To help you on your way to baby #2, They will suggest DH submits his sample however. So if you have order for that get that done and out of the way!!!
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I also had a tubal pregnancy 3 years ago, and they removed the left tube. I haven't been able to get pregnant since then, so now we're doing our first IVF cycle. My RE told  me that yes it is possible to get pregnant with one tube but a lot more difficult and that a second ectopic can always occur, so we opted for the safest way. I think you should go for a consulation with an RE to see what he says, you have nothing to loose right! ;) Good luck!
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Thanks. I believe that an RE will be all out of pocket expense since my insurance doesn't cover fertility stuff. But I also have undiagnosed pelvic pain so I'm wondering if a RE would deal with that too. Does anyone have suggestions for a good RE in Pittsburgh or  Erie PA or maybe even Youngtown ohio.
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