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Got a BFP today 15 dpo blood test shows 25, question

Anybody have this situation and still go on to have a healthy pregnancy?  I had a BFN yesterday on 14 dpo and then on 15 dpo...this morning...my temp went up so i decided to test again.  I got a faint positive and went to get a blood test...showed 25.  My progosterone also showed 25.  Just wanted to know if anyone else tested there Beta that soon and went on to have a successful pregnancy.  Also anyone that got a light 2nd line on pregnancy test after the 14 dpo. Just curious.  

THanks!  I am excited...but cautiously optomistic.  Prayers are very appreciated :).
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How exciting!!

I've been coming to this Forum for 3 months now and the women here have gotten a BFP any where from 9 dpo up through the time AF was expected and beyond. HCG levels seem to be all over the place. A woman here recently wrote that her HCG showed up 2 weeks after she missed her period and not before. Everyone's levels seem to increase at different rates. I do know that your levels are supposed to double every 2 days.

What did your doctor say? Did he/she seem concerned at all? Make sure you ask all the questions you have. You know some doctors out there, they don't "say" unless you "ask".
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I have an RE and he said that it is low...but as long as it doubles we are ok.  It isn't unreasonably low either~just low.  I have done some research online and there IS LOWER that go on to have healthy babies~I just wanted to hear a few stories.  Thanks for sharing with me what you know..it does make me feel a bit better.  Hard to get too excited. :) Praying HARD.
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I wish you all the best with this pregnancy. Please keep us updated on how you are doing. If you need support, you know where to find it.

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