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HCG Level of 8.5

I think I know the answer to my own question but I am hoping that someone can give me some hope.  We just went through our first IVF experience and everything went perfectly.  Two blastocysts were placed on May 2nd.  On May 11th (9 days past transfer), I went in for my pregnancy test.  My HCG level was only 8.5.  My doctor considers anything over a 3 pregnant, but said my levels should be at 50 if this was a sustainable pregnancy.  I go back in tomorrow for another blood test to see if my HCG levels have changed.

I can't find anything online where anyone has had an HCG level this low.  Is there any chance that this pregnancy will continue?
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Sadly this go either way. I had an hcg come back at 17 and then days later I started to bleed and I had my cycle. My doctor called this a chemical  pregnancy, because the hcg was detected days before my cycle was due.

I am surprised that your doctor considers anything over a 3 positive, I always thought it was anything over a 10, a 5 being the very lowest.  

All you can really do is wait and see if your numbers double.  I really hope that you get great results tomorrow and your hcg is super high!!!!!
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I am here to give you some hope. I had an FET and 8 days after my beta was 7.5, the next day it was 10.8 and the next 13.1. I was very skeptical of it being happy. 4 days later it jumped to 224 and has continued to go up. We saw the heartbeat last week. It can happen so stay positive. If it goes up be happy b/c the number isn't as important as the fact of it going up. Your number has to start somewhere :)
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You don't know how excited I am to see your post.  But I am definitely not optimistic at this point.  I went in for my follow up blood test this morning so we will see.  But at least it gives me hope :-)  Thank you for taking the time to send me the only good news I've seen in days!!  I want to post your story everywhere because I have searched for days on Google and could not find a single person with levels as low as mine.  People need to know your wonderful story!
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Good luck with your results.  I don't have an experience to share with you but know that if you had late implantation that your first blood test could have been really early...hence the low HCG level.  But as jess mentioned, your numbers have to start somewhere and as long as they go up, it is good news!
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I too had the same exact beta.  5/29 beta was 8.5.  The docs aren't too optimistic, but kept me on my drugs and I go back tomorrow (6/1) for another beta.  I have been very emotional this entire weekend.  I have tried to stay optimistic, but it is hard.  I hope and pray that my number goes up.  Jess, thanks for your story.  
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The most important thing is that your numbers double every other day or at least rise. Sometimes they don't double at the begining. Remember it is not the number but the rise! Best of Luck to you.
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Ok Ladies, got my beta back today.  On Friday it was 8.5 and today it was 13.7.  So, technically, still pregnant.  Going back on Wed for another test to see what is going on and if my numbers increase.  I so hope that they do.  Wish me luck and send my prayers and baby dust!
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I have a simular story. I had FET on 11/28 and today 9 days post I had my blood drawn for HCG level. It came back as 7.5. I have another test on Monday, 12/12. I'm crossing my fingers that it will double.
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hi everyone,i went for my pregnency blood test yesterday at day9 of ET .in evening doctor call me and congratz me that i am pregnent .my hcg beta is 128.now m m taking progestrone injections for four dayz and on day12 i hv another blood test .really i am pregnent?
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Hey all those who posted . God Bless you all and for those who are awaiting your results have come positive. the HCG levels are gone up and are increasing upto required figures.

God Bless you All

My wife had an IVF done,Her last Menstrual cycle date is 8th August, yesterday we had n HCG test done and her Count was 7.5.doctor advised repeat test after 4days ...fingers crossed :)
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