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HOLY POO! You will NOT believe this!!!! POSITIVE TODAY!

As you all know - 2 weeks ago I was getting very very fainbt positives. Started bleeding 2 saturdays ago (brown and weird looking). Went to have my blood test done almost 2 wks ago EXACTLY! "Less than one" was my beta test. So, after all the money and pain, we lost another baby - or so I THOUGHT! Now, I had a little period the few days after I started bleeding - brownish, reddish, chunky (sorry - TMI!) - nothing like a normal period but whatever. Anyway, I finally had sex with DH again Saturday (yesterday) and started to spot (brown - dark, no red) which is completely weird. I never spot in between periods. Anyway, i had one digital test left and said "what the heck". I had literally JUST peed 5 mins before and managed to sqeeze out a few drops (like 5! haha) into a cup and stuck the test in. It started blinking so I jumped in the shower and put it on the outside ledge. AND THEN I SAW IT! YES+ IT SAID YES+!! So, i screamed for DH, tried to explain it to him and then started to laugh hysterically. IT WAS ALL I COULD DO!! HAHAHAHAH! So, of course I ran to walmart and got more tests!! HAHAH!! They are all positive! Not as dark as I feel they should be for almost 6 wks so I am not thinking this is going to work out to be a good scenerio BUT that is the darkest tests I HAVE EVER HAD!! HAHAHAH - I can not believe this. I am going to the doc at 8am sharp and hopefully will know something by 3 or 4pm tomorrow.

It is either going to be: remnants of something that tried to grow, an ectopic (god I hope not - I only have one good unblocked tube), or a miracle baby - sweet Lord! I am so freaked out right now!!!

Any thoughts?
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Oh  am soooooo not excited - just completely confused! It would be great but we have already dealt with this cycle as a loss, so if it not great news we will probably have to do a d and c (like the first one that wouldn't get out all the way). If it is good news, great but I am not holding my breath. I even went and played soccer tonight, just because I know it is a LONGGGGGGGGGGGG shot it will be anything but crappppppy news tomorrow. I have been bad since the BFN blood test! I drank wine one night - a good bit to drown my sorrows, ate sushi, and took hot relaxing baths! ALL THE THINGS I shouldn't have done but I didn't know - the nurse said "less than one" on the beta. I just want to know one way or the other.

usuk: It's funny because I just cleaned out my closet last night (where I stash my meds and tests) and saw I had one so when I started to spot, i just thought "Well, I already got it, might as well use it since we won't be TTC for a year or so"...I almost fell over in the shower! I screamed for DH like I was being murdered!HAHAHAHAH!!!
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you are the best. please do not leave this forum - ever :)
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Praying for this to be your miracle baby.  Fingers crossed!
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Thanks girls - going first thing in the morning with my pee pee sticks in my hand!!! :)
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Wow that is one hell of a story!! Praying for you and hope you get your lil miracle this time. Can't wait to hear from you!
Hugs and best wishes...
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WOW!!!! Praying for some amazing news today for you!!

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