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HOLY POO! You will NOT believe this!!!! POSITIVE TODAY!

As you all know - 2 weeks ago I was getting very very fainbt positives. Started bleeding 2 saturdays ago (brown and weird looking). Went to have my blood test done almost 2 wks ago EXACTLY! "Less than one" was my beta test. So, after all the money and pain, we lost another baby - or so I THOUGHT! Now, I had a little period the few days after I started bleeding - brownish, reddish, chunky (sorry - TMI!) - nothing like a normal period but whatever. Anyway, I finally had sex with DH again Saturday (yesterday) and started to spot (brown - dark, no red) which is completely weird. I never spot in between periods. Anyway, i had one digital test left and said "what the heck". I had literally JUST peed 5 mins before and managed to sqeeze out a few drops (like 5! haha) into a cup and stuck the test in. It started blinking so I jumped in the shower and put it on the outside ledge. AND THEN I SAW IT! YES+ IT SAID YES+!! So, i screamed for DH, tried to explain it to him and then started to laugh hysterically. IT WAS ALL I COULD DO!! HAHAHAHAH! So, of course I ran to walmart and got more tests!! HAHAH!! They are all positive! Not as dark as I feel they should be for almost 6 wks so I am not thinking this is going to work out to be a good scenerio BUT that is the darkest tests I HAVE EVER HAD!! HAHAHAH - I can not believe this. I am going to the doc at 8am sharp and hopefully will know something by 3 or 4pm tomorrow.

It is either going to be: remnants of something that tried to grow, an ectopic (god I hope not - I only have one good unblocked tube), or a miracle baby - sweet Lord! I am so freaked out right now!!!

Any thoughts?
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good luck! miracles do happen!
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Went to the RE - I would have had a better time having my teeth pulled! i took two tests with me and I am glad I did. I went in and told the receptionist (who is very very nice all the time - God bless her!) who was shocked and she told the nurse. The nurse then asks me what is going on, why was I there? Uh, what? HELLO! So, I showed her the tests and she said "Yeah, and?" WHAT? B**ch - you told me two weeks ago I wasn't preggo - "less than one" on my beta, despite faint tests and you have the nerve to say "and?". ANDDDDDDDDDDDD I want to know what the hell is going on!! THATS WHAT!? I am so POed right now. Tried to get in touch with my OB - waiting to hear from him as we speak. I won't get the results til later this afternoon (around 3 or 4pm) so I just have to sit and wait. I am going to try to get in with my OB if/when he calls. If it comes down to it - I will hightail my butt to the ER. I just need to know that if this isn't viable, I NEED TO KNOW WHERE IT IS!! If I spotted and bled like I did two weeks ago and it didn't flush it out (it wasn't like a period but it wasn't light either), then isnt that an indication that it may be in my ONLY GOOD TUBE!!! HELLO!? Why is no one else worried about this!!!? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
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*******. :)
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Dang it blocked it!  I called them b i t c h e s!!
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Why they can't be more compassionate is totally beyond me! ;( Sorry you're having to deal with the attitude. Hopefully you can see your ob & good luck with your results!!! Sending positive thoughts & hugs your way :)
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I really hope this turns out great! I have not commented on the fertility forum in awhile but I always pop in and read! You are such a deserving person, I really hope you have a sticky bean!

Sorry the nurse was so rude, but remember it is Monday! ( and not everyone is off like us teachers!!!! ) ;0 )
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