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A co-worker said you can tell if you are pregnant by the urine in the comode.  She said that the yellow in your urine which the hcg is in is heavier.  So she said what it would do is seperate like it is trying to flush it self out.  So of course I tried it and sure enough when I peed the hcg went to the bottom.
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There is no truth to that.  Wow, what some people believe is a hoot.
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yes it is.  I'm 17weeks pregnant and watch it myself to seperate.  I didn't believe it myself.  It look as if it was all together, but now i'm noticing  the yellow seats at the bottom of the commode.  let someone else who has hcg in them watch.
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I am 6 months pregnant and have worked 5 years in OB-GYN and I can tell you that this is the first time I ever heard this. :)  HCG does not separate from the urine in the toliet.
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If the urine is separating, its probably because of your diet, or how concentrated your urine is at the time.  A hormone would not effect the density of urine. I'm not saying that your urine did not sink to the bottom of the toilet, I'm just saying it wasn't because of the hcg in it. Plus, the Hcg doesn't make your urine yellow...the more yellow your urine is the more concentrated it is, but those are the wastes your body is flushing out, not the hcg.
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Lol, ask this question on Peek's new forum.
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With a little more thought, wouldn't an hpt be a lot more conclusive? Rather than try to determine pg by urine appearance? They even carry at the $ store.
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Have you guys tried it.  I know before I was pregnant it didn't seperate.  Now the yellow goes to the bottom of the comode and I drink plenty of water.  I haven't heard of it either until the other day.  And I tried it before I knocked it.  My co-worker said that is how her grandmother use to tell when they were pregnant.  

Just try it and notice if you notice the difference.
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LOL...Hahahahahahaha...WALOS! Or to put it nicely, what a bunch of crock! If that were true, ALL the POAS company's would be out of business.

Do you have a toilet bowl freshner? If so, maybe a chemical in that is causing your urine to separate.

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Okay!! Stunned!! Never heard of this before.I just got my bfp 5 days ago and it is really yellow/gold in color. I drink alot of water also and it is darker icncolor but I've never watched to see if it sinks to the bottom. That just seems impossible. I do not have a freshener or any chemicals in the toilet so I am going to check it next time. I'll let you know.
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Okay I am back.Just peed and it is really yellow but it did not sink to the bottom.
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Ok, gotta admit I tried it too.  Nope, NO truth to it.  People will believe what they want so go ahead and pee away and check it out. I hear if it turns purple as it sinks that means you are having triplets.   Turns blue for a boy and pink for a girl as well.

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Okay it worked for me.  Some of you are really taking this to heart.  If you don't believe than okay.  It's nothing to get upset about.  I just notice it after she told me.  I don't want to step on anyones' toes.  We are on this board for support.  I just found it fasinating.

You Guys have a blessed day!
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