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OK ladies, as you know I had an u/s very early, just 4weeks 5 days, and they couldn't see anything.  I have a Dr. appt. Monday and planned to schedule another u/s then, I'll be 6weeks and 3days, BUT the wait is KILLING me.  I work at a hospital and pretty sure I can get them to do one today (which I'm tempted) BUT I'm only 5weeks and 5days.......have any of you been able to see anything at just 5wks & 5days?  I mean, I'm only 2 days away from 6 weeks......PLEASE let me know, as I REALLY want to go get one today with HOPES of them seeing something, or should I just wait (try to wait rather)......any help is appreciated.
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It's borderline. Ugh, I hate to say it, but I would wait. I didn't have my 1st one until 8wks and it really put my mind at ease with all that I saw. You may or may not see anything today. It's a tough call.
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At 5 weeks, 3 days all we saw was a sac. A week later, we saw blood flow and the develping embryo, and at 7 weeks, 1 day, we saw the actual heartbeat.
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Thanks ladies, OK a sac is better than nothing right now for me so I can get this ectopic thing out of my mind...............urggg!
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When I was about 5w3d, they saw the gestational sac and the yolk....however, they didn't see the fetal pole .  I had it done that early because I was having pains and I though it was ectopic.  No bleeding, just a lot pelvic pain...As it turned out it was not ectopic, but an intrauterine pregnancy.
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so did you get the U/S?  
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What's an intrauterine pregnancy?
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Yes I got the u/s and I'm scared to death, see my post above this
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i just had my ultrasound done yesterday and they thought originally I was 6 weeks 5day but because of the size of the sac they now think I am 5 weeks and 4 days all they were able to see was the sac and yolk no fetal pole but the nurse said that was normal the fetal pole is usually not seen until 6 wks - I say go for it
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I had a test done at 7 weeks at 1 day when I was pg. The baby looked like a peanut on the u/s photo. Before that all they can see is a sac.
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Hi! what was the size of your sacs when u saw at 5 weeks plus?
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