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Has anyone had the HSG test done before? What are your recommendations before going for this procedure?
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It's some what painful take motrin or advil
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Really no recommendations.  they simply take blood.  You can't affect it one way or another and they'll give you a reading.  There is a normal range for how far along you think you are and they compare the numbers.  Good luck and please let us know what they are and how you are doing!
I didn't post my comment.  I misread hsg for hcg.  ha ha.  HCG is testing for the hormone of pregnancy.  Duh.  Totally different than hsg test.  You've gotten good answers.  Sorry for my misreading and unhelpful answer and trying to fix it and not typing it properly.  yeesh.  
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Yes I have and there are no recommendations. It was a pretty simple procedure. they will just run dye inside you uterus to you tubes to check for blockages. Some women have gotten pregnant after said procedure as this opens your tubes temporarily but unfortunately I wasn't one of the lucky ones.
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They say take advil motrin helps tubes relax and not spasm during procedure. It was not painful for me some say it is...I guess different for everyone. Goodluck!
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Advil, or if you get nervous, take a Valium if you have access to one.  It's not a big deal.
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I'd say keep calm, it affects everyone differently. I'd make sure you have the rest of the day and following day to rest and recuperate cause you may have discomfort like period pains. Good luck x
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It was intense for me. I took 4 ibuprofen 30 minutes before as instructed, but it felt like I didn't take anything. It feels like really (REALLY) bad cramping, or like my mom confirmed, more like contractions. Take some kind of pain medicine you know will work for you with instructions from your doctor.
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I've had it done.  Some women find it really painful but my periods have been extremely bad in the past so this might change my perspective.  I found it not that bad, some cramping but manageable.  I was told to take Advil 1/2 hr before, maybe that made the difference too.
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It hurts when the tube is inserted, but only for a few seconds. I underestemated the pain and did not take the subscribed painkillers before the hsg. I would reccomend you to take them;)
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It was painful, it felt as if I was having terrible menstrual cramps. My feet were so weak as the pain was terrible. I had to put on santitary napkins immediately afterwards because the fluid came out after the procedure. Go and have it done, just make sure to top up on some pain reducer 30mins or so before. Hope all is well with your tubes!
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