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Has any one take Fertilaid ?

I am trying to get pregnant and wanted to know if anyone as used Fertilaid and if so did it help or not help?
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i just started taking fertilaid the other day actually cause i just got off depo and had alot of side effects with it and trying to balance my hormones out, but anyways my sister in law is 10 weeks pregnant, they have been trying for a looong time, she did use fertilaid because her periods were comming at all different times or not at all, soon as she started taking it the next month and from then on she was regular and helped her get pregnant cause she could actually figure out when she was ovulating and it also helps with fertility, they make it for men also, and there is no known side effects since its all natural, visit the site also its pretty informative...www.fertilaid.com. hope this helped!
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I used fertilaid for about a month and it did not help my cycle come along, but i did not have a cycle for 6 months so i think my problems were bigger then what the pill was ment for.  my husband still takes it.  My feelings are that it can't hurt.
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im been on fertiaid pills for about a month a half.
to me , i think its working for me cause before, i was dryed,and i did know when im ovaulate, but now im wet or moist, cycle is good and ovualation is just perfect. now im within to get pregnant.
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I started taking it about a month ago.  I'm 2WW right now *I think* (and I didn't have a period for 7 mos before due to anovulation), but my LH level was "rolling" rather than a progressive increase and I have to go to the Dr next monday for a blood test to make sure I really ovulated.  I will let you know when I get my test results next week.  I wanted to give the natural stuff a try before I went on clomid.  Fertilaid has no side effects for me.
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Hey,  I just started taking Fertiaid about 2 weeks ago.  I have not had a peiord since Jan. But guess what AF has just came to visit me tonight.  I have noticed a difference in my body since I started taking Fertiaid.  I have not had any side affects.
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I was pregnant, and missed carried on 05/12/2008. I want to know is fertilaide good for me. I am 40 years old, and that was my first time pregnant, it was and still is really devastating, to me and my husband.Just trying to be logical and safe. Thanks for sharing.
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I had long cycles and after not ovulating 45 days or so I ordered a bottle and got on it. I ovulated about a week and a half after taking it. I am not saying for sure that it caused me to Ovulate, but I did ovulate after taking it. It gave me energy and made me feel great. My husband took the men's formula and it made him feel so great and energized that he ordered a second bottle on his own!
I stopped taking it because I was put on Clomid after I started AF -- which I think came thanks to FertilAid. Anyway, I def. recommend it.
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I never had problems with my cycles when I started taking it, si IDK about that I only took it a month and stopped because it gave me HORRIBLE "hot" burps. Like I would throw up a little in my throat, OOWWEEYY!! (sorry) BUT we tried for 5 yrs and 2 months after I stopped I am PG!!! 11 weeks now :) Good Luck to YOU!! :)
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I been taking fertilaid for about 2week I was so dry but now I am becoming really wet. But been trying for about 3years. I will let you guys know weather or not I am pregaant so have fun.
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I was reading about the fertilaid and wondering the same thing?  It's so expensive and you have to take it 3 times a day.  Then I started doing research on vitamin supplementation.  I've decided to go that route.  I'm take Evening Primrose Oil for 1st half of cycle and Flaxseed Oil for 2nd half.  Also, my prenatal.  I'm having DH take his multi vitamin, 1000mg of Vit C, 800mg of Folic Acid and the 1000mg of Flaxseed Oil.  I just finally got all the supplements on Friday and they didn't cost more then $30.

(we ttc for 2 years, m/c in aug and are ttc again - I'm NOT waiting another 2 years)
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I have been taking fertilaid for about 2 weeks I have no side effects to it but my husband and i  have been trying to get prego for about 6 years so i really hope this works
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Where did everyone get their fertilaid from?  I have been looking to order it but have seen it on different sites
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Also- to the people taking it are you taking just the fertilaid or anything else along with it?
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I started taking FertilAid in the middle of a really long cycle and about 3 weeks after I started taking it, I finally had a period!! I started it again this cycle however I must admit that I have not been faithful in taking it 3 times everyday and I am on cycle day 55 and have not ovulated yet.   However, if you take it 3 times a day...everyday I really beleive it works.  Oh and to answer Tygerlillie's question, I ordered mine from Amazon.com.
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I started taking fertilaid 11/08 I was on it for about 3 weeks but stopped because due to my career I wasn't going to try and concieve anymore. Before taking fertilaid my period was like clockwork and I was ovulating every month, but I am doing an in home insemination and thought it would increase my chances after no luck for 15mths. Now I am 15 days late and all my preg. tests were neg.! I'm confused! Can I be pregnant?
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I am 39 years old and have to been ttc for about 2 years. I have taken clomid, have had all types of tests done. Anyway I have been diagnosed with perimenapause and to top it off i haven't had a period or ovulated without pills/medication in 3 years. So yesterday, I received my ferilaid and waiting to see if any changes. I will keep all posted. So far day 2 I feel the same. I may need to be on for the whole 3 months, plus I use preseed.
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my period has been so mess up. I would get it monthly but it would just be VERY LITTLE BROWN SPOTTINGS. (not that you would want to know lol) but anyways I started taking it the second day of my period and I notice it made my period heavier *which is a good thing in my case* and filter out some of the old blood. But I think it does work with regulating woman who suffers from irregular period and if you have a period that means that you have ovulated! And if you can just time your fertile time perfectly than you should be well on your way towards pregnancy!
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im 23 years old and ive been taking fertilaid for almost a month now and i had quit taking it because i had back problems and within a week after taking it i had started my cycle i guess which mines used to came at this when before i got pregnant in 2004  but now it starts in the end of the month and last for about 3 days maybe a week i doont know if my body trying to get used to the feritilty pills are something eles is wrong with me? can anyone shedd any light on this for me
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I started using fertilaid @ the beginning of October 2009 and I am now expecting due 7/20/2010 so indeed it works. But just like with anything else everyones bodies are different and will respond differently. I had been on the Depo for almost 7yrs and been trying to get pregnant for the last 2yrs because I knew that the Depo had messed up my cycle. Although, my cycle was back to normal I still was not able to concieve. I tried taking fertilaide and I only took it for 2 weeks (I am bad with taking pills unless I have too) then I stopped and it was not everyday that I took them. Here I am expecting in July.
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hello everyone. just wondering if anyone has had success with fertilaid? I have been on it for about two weeks and I am due to ovulate tomorrow (hopefully) I really hope this stuff works, My fiancee and I have been ttc for 9 months with no success, just started going to a fertility doctor and he said it was a good idea that couldnt hurt to try, anyone have any success with it?
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Hello everyone, I am ttc and went of depo last Nov 2009.  I immediately went on bbc to help regulate my cycle and avoid spotting all the time.  I have decided after three complete cycles of bbc and no period to stop taking them.  I have ordered fertilail and am worried about starting them now since I have read some of the posting of possible m/c.  Anyone in the same boat as me?  I am wanting one more child and do not want to wait to long as I am 33 years old.  Help!
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i to have just started fertilaid my cousin is due today as a matter of fact and it was all due to fertilaid my af is all messed up sometimes i spot the hole month then one week before i ovulate it will stop. i did have af right after i started it and i had the heaviest period it was like if it was cleaning me out i actually felt better after the heavy flow was gone i hope it works for all of us trying and i dont think miscarraaige is a side affect. and to the lady who posted and said if you have af you have ovulated that is incorrect you can have break through bleeding even if you have not ovulated best way to tell is taking your temps.. i thought since af was coming i was oing but i wasent babydust to all~
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Just started my first bottle of fertilaid today. I have regular cycles. but i've been trying to conceive in the past 2 months and nothing. I'm not sure if it's my age or i'm not getting the right ovulation dates. It's weird because I've had 5 kids, the last one 2 years ago and from some testing my eggs seem to be fine, i just can't get pregnant. I guess it's because now I'm trying to. The others were definitely unplanned. So I figured a little help with my supplements wouldn't hurt. I'll keep anyone interested posted if these actually work. I know for one that I usually spot a day before my period and don't flow heavy until the next day, but since I started taking the fertilaid the spotting got a lot more heavier than usual. Not a regular flow, which will be tomorrow, but more than just spotting. So we'll see.
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I have been taking fertilaid for about 4 weeks and I really think its working. I was on depo 3 years ago and when I got off it messed my cycle up completely, I wouldnt have a period for months, I still havent had a period with fertilaid yet but I have been having some cramps and it has made me really wet so, hopefully within the next 2 months I will become pregnant!!!!! I will keep you posted, good luck to everyone!!!
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