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Has anyone been told they have a tilted cervix?

Hi.  I had my HSG today & the radiologist performing the test had a really hard time finding my cervix to insert the catheter.  He said my cervix is tilted.  I'm surprised 'cause no doctor has ever told me that before, but then again I haven't had invasive tests before either! :)  Has anyone else heard of this?  I'm wondering if it's common & not a big deal, or if it could be a reason why I'm not conceiving.  I'm supposed to do iui next week, so I'm guessing that won't be fun either!  Yikes!  Hopefully I'll be in better hands with my doctor :)  Thanks, ladies!
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my friend had a tilted uterus, which i am assuming is the same thing.  so yes it is more difficult to get pregnant because the sperm has a more difficult time getting there but it can happen.  she is now 24 weeks along.  talk to your doctor about it.
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I was told by a gynecologist years ago that my uterus was slightly tilted. You kinda made me remember. My RE never said anything though and he's done a laproscopic surgery and a HSG on me. Makes me wonder..... but my HSG was really painful too. Good luck with your IUI next week!
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I don't think a tilted cervix necessarily means a tilted uterus. I have a totally normal uterus, but a tilted cervix. I've even had a lap done and everything else is perfectly normal. According to my RE, it does not affect me TTC...but that was the reason he wanted to do a lap. To see if there was scar tissue or endo that kinda pulled it to one side. But they didn't find anything. I can't remember who it was anymore, but in one of the threads a while back, I mentioned the tilted cervix, and a couple of others had the same thing. So it doesn't seem to be that abnormal. It does take a little longer to get the catheter in when doing an IUI...but my RE made a little diagram that shows how it tilts, so after the first IUI, the second one was a lot easier :-)

Best of luck with your IUI next week!
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Thanks! :)  I was pretty surprised when he told me that, but after hearing from you & reading on the internet, it doesn't sound too unusual.  It seems like you're right, Heather, that it shouldn't make ttc more difficult, unless maybe the uterus is tilted, too, like leighanne said. Who knows?!  :) We have a consultation with our RE on Friday to go over results & discuss iui, so I'll ask him about that.  Thanks, Bree, for the good luck :)
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I was just told the same thing my nurse when I had my second IUI done on 10/18.  I have been seeing the fertility doctor for over six years and no one has ever mentioned this to me b4.  Not even my OB/GYN.  And she said it was severely tilted.  She had to really work with me to get the catheter in.  And like you, I was wondering . . . has this been the problem the entire time.  And how could they not have known?  I have had four surgeries with this fertility doctor.  
I've been researching the topic but there is very little out there except, it should not keep one from getting preggers.
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I was told I have a tilted uterus not cervix.
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Yes, I was told by my doc that I do indeed have atilted/retroverted uterus. My uterus it tilted to the back facing my butt. I know it sounds wierd but that's the way it is. I asked him why? He said I was simply born like that.
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pinktootie:  That's how I felt!  I'm 36 years old & no one ever mentioned this before, but again I haven't had the surgeries you have.  I'll ask my RE tomorrow if it's a concern. Since it was a radiologist doing the HSG, I didn't learn if it's just my cervix or it's also my uterus.
chacha:  I guess it's not too uncommon, then?!  Did your doc say it would make it more difficult to conceive?

Thanks, ladies !!! :)
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I was told the same thing 2 years ago that I had a tilted cervix when I did my HSG.  I was very concerned about this also.  My dr. told me she has the same thing and she has 3 children.  I don't know if she was just saying that to make me feel a little better, but to this day I still wonder if that is the main problem for my infertility.  When I bring it up to my dr. she says no and that many people have this and have a normal preganancy.
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Here's something I found online:  Uteri may normally be directed upward toward the abdominal wall (anteverted) or backwards toward the rectum (retroverted). Some are midline. When the uterus is retroverted, the cervix tends to be directed upward toward the pubic bone; however, this is not true in all cases.

After intercourse, the pool of semen would not be in direct contact with your cervix if it is directed upward. In women with other fertility issues, this can matter. In the majority of women, however, this may have no significance. The sperm find their way into the uterus within a few seconds of ejaculation and they swim great distances to get there!

Having sex with the woman on top may keep the semen pool in contact with your cervix. Lying on your abdomen after sex may help as well. With ejaculation, your partner could withdraw about halfway, as this might place the semen in the optimal position.

I've also read that "doggy-style" could help, so I guess it all depends on which way your cervix is tilted! :)
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I have the opposite problem My dr. always told me "your uterus is right there, no wander you have so many babies"(three w/o even trying)

But now, only 10 years later (is that too long?) i can't get things just right no matter what i try.,,,  may be my eggs...

Sometimes it seems it's ALL working against us.

Gosh i am so sick of researching the net to find the right position or magic bullet..

But we hang in there every month as long as we can stand it, till we find that missing link.   We will, girls.  WE WILL!!

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This is why in your last post of should DH go I said yes! I have always had a hard time with a tilted cervix. On top of it being tilted mine is pulled back out of place. I have had several GYNO's just give up and can not find it!  Ever since I was 15 this has been a problem. Considering I got PG at 15, it did not affect me conceiving :) However after my c-section scar tissue formed, which pulled my uterus back, not tilted just back, which in turn pulled my cervix back as well. I did conceive very easy (1st month) with my second, so still did not affect it, BUT another section MORE scar tissue! That is why now at 29, it took me 5 yrs to conceive my little bundle now! I went through 6 IUI's all complete torture! But I will say after the 1st we figured out the best tools to use, and it mad the rest alot easier. My RE told me my awful cervix :) had nothing to do with me not conceiving for so long, it was actually the scar tissue engulfing my overy and swallowing up my egg every month so it couldn't make it through the tube! But he aslo said an HSG would be next to impossible with me! Good luck Dear!!
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I'm 35 and have had the vaginal bleeding after bm for several years 15+. I have inquired with several dr's over the years as to why and never got a real answer. I have a tilted cervix and wondering if that could have anything to do with it. I also prior to having my daughter had severly painful menstrual cycles and for the first several hours I would have the strong urge to push bm's and by going (bm's) several times it actually eased the cramps. Anyone else out there have that same issue. To answer a previous post I tried with help of fertility to have my daughter by IVF. I tried 7 years with off and on assistant from fertility dr's. The reason for infertility is still unexplained. Both hubby and I ran through ALL the tests.  
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a tilted uterus and tilted cervix are not the same thing... I have a heart shaped uterus and a tilted cervix, but i have never had an issue getting pregnant. My actual issue is staying pregnant (due to other health related complications) but every person is different, so i would ask your dr everything... every question you have, there are no stupid questions, just unanswered ones...  If anyone EVER feels they need answers always ask a dr or nurse you can trust them. I crack my ob's nurses up with some of the off the wall things i come up with because i google every thing.... but hey i would rather ask than not know and be scared... just my thought on the subject :)
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