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Has anyone had FET? and it turned out BFP

I just had and IVF and it failed, out of the 4 embryos I let to freeze one made it.  Has anyone done FET and resulted positive? This is my last hope concerning these types of treatments.
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There are many ladies on her who are successfully pregnant after a FET!  Don't you worry!  I actually got pregnant w/my first FET, but unfortunately m/c'd.  But that was do to other issues, but because of an fet.

It can, does and will happen for you!!
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Yes. I had 3 failed IVFs and only 3 frozen embryos. We did FET and I became pregnant with twins. Unfortunately one of them did not grow. Now my son is 2 years old.

FET was a lot less stressful for me. Hopefully you will get your BFP soon.

Good luck
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hi! i just went through the same thing! i did a fresh cycle of ivf and it ended in an early miscarriage. so i will be moving onto natural fet next month... i'm very excited! either way here is a forum that has an fet success link. it's very uplifting and positive!


good luck and take care!
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I am in my 2ww with a FET now. I tested ( twice..lol) at home already and got a BFP. I go in on Thursday to check my Beta levels and make sure that everything is ok. I pray that yours turns out well. Best wishes to you.
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I am in my tww after a fet yesterday.  my embryos were originally  frozen on day2.  1 made it to blast and we transferred it yesterday.  My beta will be on the 14th or 15th.

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Thank you a 100000x's for that website. It makes me feel so much better. I have fatih already that all will be ok. But just to read that other women have the cramping that I'm experiencing makes me feel better! So thank you!!!!
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That is awesome! I will pray for you and your sticky bean!!!
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hey whatever makes it easier right?! GOOOOOD LUCK 2 u n ur family! take it easy and get oober spoiled by ur hubby! u guys r cute! rub that belly of urs....********************************************************* LOTS OF BABY DUST*********
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Thanks for answering it really helps!! Keep me posted on your betas results... I want to hear your stories...
Lots of BABY DUST...
God Bless You All!
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