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Has anyone had a IVF 3 day transfer and became pregnant?

I just had a 3 day transfer yesterday and I heard that it is better to do a transfer on day 5.  My questions is has anyone had a 3 day transfer and became pregnant.  Also, when does implantation take place during a three day transfer.
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Hi, I have heard of many women getting pregnant after a 3 day transfer.  There is a gal on here that had a 3 day transfer and was told not to get her hopes up because it more than likely would not take.  She has a beautiful baby girl now!!  I am not sure about implantation.  Congratulations on your transfer, I hope that little bean sticks!
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I got BFP on 10dp3t on second IVF, and 11dp3t on third one.  Both beta confirm on 12dp3t.
Best wish.
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I, also did a day 3 transfer one week ago, today. So, I'm 7 days post transfer. Like an idiot, I did a pregnancy test yesterday and it was negative. Now, I'm not so hopeful . . . I'm tempted to keep taking one until Thursday when my blood test is scheduled. Do I have hope or should I be prepared for going through this again?

I think implantation can happen at any time but, from what I've read, it typically happens 6-10 days after retrieval. I was almost certain I felt it on my post retrieval day 7, but now that I am most likely not pregnant, it must have been something else.
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I had a day 3 transfer and a bfp.  On day 5 they can be more selective but on day 3 the # of embryos transferred is typically higher so your odds a similar.
Good luck!
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Thanks for that information it really helped.  Are you pregnant now?  How did you feel 2-3 days after you transfer>
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I don't think you should get BFP at 7dp3t.  Negative just tell you the HCG is out of system.  So when you see BFP in the next couple days, It'll be the true BFP.
after transfer I feel cramps, bloat because of egg retrieve, I don't think we should feel any thing at this early stage.  1 day I got BFP I always get so dizzy, it suddenly happens I need to sit down for a while and it gone, then I know yeah, I might get BFP in next day.  Beside that, I don't have any symptoms at all either score BB.  But everyone is different, I just share my experience.  You may get something else or no symtom at all and I wish you both get BFP this month.  Good luck ladies
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I got a bfp and my little girl was born less than 4 weeks ago.  Now I look back and can't believe how much I cried after my day 3 transfer (I was so upset it wasn't a day 5!).

After transfer I did not feel anything.  In fact I had no symptoms during my 2ww.

Hang in there!!!
Come on BFP!  
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Thanks for keeping my hopes up! I have certainly been down in the dumps yesterday and today. . . I thought early hcg levels start appearing soon after implantation, which should have happened by now, right? Today is 7dpt and still nothing. Am I crazy? This is all-consuming and I can't stop thinking about it.
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It is to early to test.  Just relax and go and test on the day that your RE advised.  I know that it is hard not knowing but all you can do right now is just relax as much as possible and focus on positive thought because at this stage stress can be your worse enemy.  I test on the 24th.  Lets stay Positive.  Good Luck and keep me posted!!!!
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Thanks. You are doing this much better than I am! I don't know why I am having such a hard time with it. I went through this 3 years ago and now have a 2-year old. I knew I was pregnant long before the test and just didn't consider that it would be negative. I guess, this time it didn't go as well, we did a day 3 transfer with less quality embryos, so maybe that's part of it . . .

I'll be thinking about you. Good luck, take your advice and DON"T take a test! I didn't last time and it was soooo much smoother for me.
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You are going to be just fine.  What day did you have your transfer?  I had my 3 day transfer on Friday.  I have mild cramping and sore breast but that can be from the progesterone.  I just want for you to remain calm and positive.  I am scared to but at this point everything is in GODS hands and all we can do is pray that he see's it through.  Now get some rest!! Talk with you after my appt tomorrow.
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