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Has anyone had success with IUI after cancelled IVF cycle?


I am not responding to stim drugs and they are talking of converting my IVF cycle to an IUI cycle.  I only have 5 follicles and if only 2 are big enough, my doctor thinks we should do IUI instead of IVF.  I don't really get why they think IUI may be successful.  Arrragh!!

Has this happened to anyone and did you have success?

I am trying not to get discouraged but doctor says I was on most aggressive protocol so no sense in trying to stim again.  Next step I guess is DE if the IUI does not work.

Anyone?  Anyone?

Thanks so much for anything you can tell me!!!
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Haven't experinced this situation but I'm hoping someone does answer your question because I'm in the same predicament but for different reasons. Just had a failed 1st IVF and due to the high costs we can't do a 2nd and are thinking of doing IUI's. I know the probablity of preg on IUI's is slimmer than IVF but don't have an alernative. Best of luck to you.
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I just had the same news delivered to me yesterday! This was my first IVF cycle but my ovaries did not respond well at all to Gonal F 225 IUs and my Estradiol level was 41 on my 5th day. So the doctor increased Gonal F to 300 IUs and my Estradiol level increased on my 10th day to 192, but I still only had 3 follies. :( He cancelled this cycle of IVF and wants to go with IUI instead. The chances are slimmer but I do have 3 follies and just maybe one of my hubby's lil soldiers will penetrate one of my stubborn lil eggs. After all, it only takes one. ;)

Keep believing!

If you don't mind me asking, what dosage were you prescribed?
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