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Has anyone here had a successful Gender Selection already? Pls tell me about it!

Really want to try Gender Selection in my next IVF attempt. Had 2 failed attempts in the past already. Im 37 years old :)
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Hi. I believe not all the countries allow gender selection. My clinic, for ex., uses it only to exclude the possibility of transmitting the genetical disease to a future baby. And if we just wanted to select the gender just because we wanted to have a boy..Then we'd definitely fail with this intention. Anyway, it's your personal decision unless the possibility is not regulated on the country level. Good luck!
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Oh  yes heard it's not allowed in many countries, but I am actually getting my procedure in Cyprus and it is allowed there! where is your clinic based?
Hi Melissa. It's Ukrainian one. The law only permits using gender selection only if a genetic issue may be passed over to the offspring.  May I ask for the reasons you wanna use this option? If it's ok asking. And in what way do you connect it to your failed rounds?
Hoping you're feeling ok.
Hi @Sunnday775!  
i mainly want to get a gender selection procedure just so I can have a son this time. I already have one daughter who is ten years old already :) im good, im just remaining optimistic about everything
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There can be errors with gender selection so I wouldn't count on it 100 percent but they do seem to have a decent success rate these days.  
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Oh I see your point. But i guess with all the modern procedures there are today, it is not really a surprise that someone with a bright mind came up with the whole gender selection thing. Heard a lot of success stories regarding gender selection already so I really want to give it a try :-)
I had PGS with my IVF cycles and that process reveals the gender. We had PGS because I am an older parent and we were trying to avoid loosing another pregnancy.  The first time I had 3 girl and one boy (all healthy) transferred and we got a little girl.  My second successful IVF we only had boy embryos and that was exactly what we had the second time. My husband and I were not trying to select the gender. We just wanted healthy babies. If I can answer any questions for you please feel free to send a private message.
Best of luck to you!
Hi @belle313! How much did your PGS cost and which country did you get it? Im getting mine in Cyprus in two weeks! Im excited and anxious about the whole things! hope it will be a success!
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