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Helping DH

All of you ladies that do IUI/IVF or any other type of treatment do you help DH with his donation? Just wondering. My DH said it would be so much worse if I wasn't there.
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I haven't done IVF or IUI however DH had to do two seperate semen test one reg and the other SCSA testing.  I let him do it alone.
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He doesn't do it at home because we live too far from the clinic so he goes it alone. I would help if we were at home! Though I have thought about sending him some pics on the phone! They have magazines there, but he is totally disgusted by the thought of other people "using" them
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My office has a SPECIAL ROOM for the men.  When doing IVF, we are on table getting ready for retrival. Hubby has to do alone.  When I do IUI I bring it from home.
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Our clinic has a special room too. We live too far away from our RE for him to do it at home and then transport it. So we go to the RE office. I always go with him for morale support ;o) I figure if he's happy then his guys will be happy so...
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My husband still have nighmares of the horrendos magazines they had in the room...lol
he says it was the uglies he ever sow in his life...
he spend 30mntes walking an thinking around the room ( it was 10am..) and then he text me and ask me to send a picture of me from the last vacation at the beach...lol
at first didnt know whats goign on but after a good laugh i got some good pics and did photoshop and put my face on it...lol

he was happy after that....

he told the lady in  the front desk to update to playboy 2009....lol
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LOL we told them the same thing. They have some of the most horrible pornography in the rooms. The lady remarked that people actually steal the materials sometimes. I guess you must be pretty hard up if you're stealing pornography from an RE office. There aren't even any magazines just gross movies. My husband told me I'm not touching that stuff with a 10 foot pole. He's much happier if I'm in the room with him.
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We always created the sample at home and drove it to the clinic on the day of IUI/IVF. I left my husband with it alone (literally, I left the room lol). I know he preferred it that way too, and honestly, it would make me feel a little uncomfortable knowing what he was doing, and he claimed he was more "efficient" on his own lol ;)

MammaG8tes, it's hilarious that people would steal that stuff! :)
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Oh, I forgot to mention that for one of our IUIs, we were scheduled to come in at 7am on Sat. morning, so my poor husband had to create his sample at around 5 am! I know he was not in the mood for that kind of stuff, but he didn't disappoint me :) Now that I think of it, he never really had any trouble creating his samples lol :)
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Hi! our first iui i brought sample from home because im only 15 min away. second time we used room at Re office. and yes both times i helped. they didnt mind if i was with him in fact the nurse encourage it. so u should do which ever yield the best result.  i do agree the pornos r disguisting. lol...
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Gotta help : )  And boy are the movies cheesy!  : )
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