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Hey girls! =) question about CM and Fertility monitor.....

Hey girls!!!!!!!!!!!! It's been sooo long!!!! I miss all of you big!!!!!!!!!!!!
How are you all??? I am doing fine....keeping myself busy and you know, the ol' TTC....
Speaking of, I have a couple of questions!...I bought my fertility monitor on e-bay last cycle...and I am using it now! yay! it's fun man! you get to punch the button every morning and it displays your status and all!, well, it asked me for the fist time to stick a test in it on day 8....and it displayed a high (medium bar of 3). Today, day 11, it displayed a PEAK FERTILITY!!! (maybe i've been missing my egg all this time!) with the 'eggie symbol' and all! yay! lots of bedding!
Now the question is: Does it work like an OPK that when it shows peak (or +) you are gonna O within 12 to 36 hours? or am I O'ing? I didn't bd last night!!! =( but did the night before....
The other one, I was sitting in the toilet this morning (sorry tmi!) and i saw the 'famous EW string!' lol.....so, that means my monitor is correct! BUT.....my EW's are not transparent and 'wet'! they are WHITE, a lot of it, and stretchy almost like a rubberband! they are not like the actual eggs! they are like white rubber bands! thiiiiiiiick!....should i run to get some mucinex tonight?? is it too late? argh...i hate this dilemas......
Thank you girls! and if no one has an answer at least stop to say hi!!! =)
Love ya'll....
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I also wanted to add a comment.....I have been using vitex since day 1 or 2 of my period....and noticed i'm getting headaches! i don't know if it's because of that or what?
Anybody who has used Vitex here???
Thanx! =)
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You are so frickin funny!

I actually have the same question, but I think the eggie symbol means within 12- 24 hours.  It's a little different from the OPK... i think.  I get it on day 10 and 11- with the EWCM!  

I like the monitor, but the darn sticks are expensive!  And I bought mine on ebay, too.

i think I was missing my egg for awhile as well... who knew?
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Hi guys,
I have the fertility monitor and was told that the egg and circle symbol means that you are going to ovulate in 12-36 hours :-)   I usually get a day or two of "high" fertility and then the 1 day of the "egg/peak" fertility :-)
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Here's the info from the Monitor's handbook...I was a little off on the hours :-)

The Clearblue Fertility Monitor identifies your days of Peak Fertility by detecting the surge in LH, which triggers ovulation to occur approximately 24-36 hours later.  Peak Fertility will be indicated on the day of the LH surge, as well as the following day.
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That thing sounds neat!
what is it called exactly?
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lea---thank you girl! lol, i am so stinking confused....(blond in a brunette suite lol, no offense to my blond buddies....), and just brought to my mind the other day a girl here said that 'she saw this thing hanging from her vagina and what was wrong with her??' lol!!!!!!!!!!! awweeeee
Well, this is my second day of 'eggie symbol' which, is fine, but more days of eggie and i'll freak out! (i've had 5 +'s on OPK's in the past and im affraid i don't O), and yes, i already made an app. with my OB on dec. =)
Glad to hear im not the only 'loca' one here with the monitor! it is neat man! seriously! i like it! it's like a nintendo game!.....'get the eggie' game! *pictures Mario trying to aim at the egg with his....pistol...lol*
glad to hear from everyone!!!!!
about the EW....i had some transparent today!! yay!!!!!!!!!! i think the vitex is getting me back to normality finally!!!!!
Im hoping to post in a couple of weeks a BFP!
baby dust to all!!!!
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dainsey- thank you for the info girl! my monitor didn't come with the booklet (used....) so, that was very helpful!

P- it is the clearplan (now clearblue) fertility monitor...and yes! the sticks are expensive, but you can get them on e-bay as well and are not that bad....=)

good luck!
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Hey there!
Just so you know, if you want the monitor's instruction manual, you can download and print it out.  It gives some good info in there:

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wow thank you girl!!! you are so sweet!
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