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High FSH

Hi,  I just turned 39 last week and was scheduled for ambulatory surgery this week to correct my septate uterus.  In preadmission testing it was revealed that my FSH was 26.3.  Schocked we retested it the next day (day 5 of my menstrual cycle) at it was 36!  My estradiol level was 12 on the first day.  I'm not sure what it was on the second.   I'm told that I'm in deep perimenopause and won't be able to conceive with my eggs.  I am still menstruating so I'm totally confused.  I'm a single woman and was going to use a sperm donor.  Now, I'm told that if i can conceive it will have to be with donor eggs.  This is only one month's test so do I need retest over time? I'm told that your FSH levels are only as good as your highest not the lowest number that your get.  I am otherwise healthy with regular 28 day cycles and over the years only occasional night sweats which i never paid much attention to until now.  I can't find any information regarding such a high FSH in my age group.  I'm told to get tested for prolactic/pitutitary issues, for thyroid possibilities and also to have an ultrasound anthral follicle test?  I'm generally very alternative in my medical leanings, but Chinese Medicine's herbs and acupuncture doesn't seem to be indicated for FSH that's as high as mine? If anyone out there can give me any insight i'd really appreciate it.

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I just want to say that you should test again on day 2 or 3 of your cylcle. Your cycle begin with the beginning of menstruation. It is very importnat that you only test during those days. I have never hear my doctor say, and you can also wait till days 4 and 5 of the cycle to do the test. Do the test again, at teh right time and tell us what you find out.
There are people with very high FSH levels who manage to conceive.
Doctors would disagree with those who say accupuncture helps with FSH. However I tried accupunture anyway, with an accupuncturist who specializes in infertility and we are now pregnant. My FSH is 12.9 th elast time we tested it (Day 3).
FSH is your ovarian reserve, not quality of the eggs. Although the two are commonly related. You may have lower ovarian reserve (eggs left) but good ovarian quality (good eggs). You may try IVF to have the eggs fertilized outside your uterus. Those that fertilize and look good can then be implanted into the uterus. The test that detects egg quality is AMH, anti mullerian something! The higher the better. Mine was .7 which was good for my age of 37.
Hope this information helps. This is what i know from my experience, but i am not a doctor.
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I agree w/Rasha, I've only heard of FSH being tested on CD 2 or 3, & if your doing the clomid challenge, they retest you on CD10.  There are plenty of alternative things you can do & they DO help w/FSH, acupuncture, certain supplements like DHEA , but some RE's don't think they do, & I think personally they don't get any $$$$ & THAT'S a BIG reason why they don't "think" it helps JMO!
Also like Rasha said, IVF would be something I would do at lest if you can, give it a try.......but first I would get w/a holistic DR, who specialized in fertility ASAP to get going on DHEA & other stuff for a few months BEFORE IVF, to  UP your chances ;o)
Good luck!!!!
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i had my FSH tested on day 6 but it was not necessarily to check for infertility issues per se. I was tested for Thyroid and because i was having pain in my breasts, the dr thought it could be a prolactin issue and tested my female hormones. I am 38 yrs old and my FSH on day 6 was 5.9.  i actually am having secondary fertility issues as well and just got a "day 3" blood test done (which was actually done on day 2 because that was the only day i could get into my RE) which i haven't gotten the results back yet. by the way - i also get hot flashes and night sweats... but i also have hashimoto's disease (autoimmune disease that causes low thyroid) so i'm not sure if that is due to that or not as it screws with so much in your body. All my female hormones were within normal level on day 6 so it should be interesting to see what the day 3 results are and how they may be different from day 6. I think if you were tested on day 4 - one day might not make a difference given my dr tested me on day 2 as opposed to day 3. Also, i took a home fertility test (the ones sold in drugstores) that say to test on day 3 and i tested on day 4 and it was still normal. anyway - hope things work out for you and you get the answers you need. all of this feritlity stuff is so frustrating. I really had no idea until now how age really affects things.  I had no problem getting pregnant at 35 but when we tried getting pregnant a year ago (when i was 37) it wasn't happening and i still can't get pregnant. Dr's keep telling me it's my age. (38) ugh.
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Thanks for the info and the support!
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