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High FSH

Hi!  I just received the results of my day 3 blood test and learned that my FSH is 12.1 and my Estradiol is at 20.  I'm really nervous about the FSH level and was hoping for some insight regarding our chances of getting pregnant and what type of treatment options we have.  Also, is there anything to worry about with the Estradiol number?  I know it's low but is there such a thing as too low?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!  Thanks!
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I don't know what the estrogen level indicates, but FSH over 10 MAY indicate difficulty getting pregnant. However, I know there are many women with FSH over 10 that have had successful pregnancies, but you may need some help from fertility meds and treatments. Are you seeing a fertility specialist now? If not, I'd definitely find one asap! Best wishes :)
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Hi! Thanks so much for your comment.  I really appreciate it.

I do have a fertility specialist.  We're supposed to see him again on June 14th but I called earlier and asked for the doctor to call me so that I can get some info in the meantime.  I'm hoping to get a call tomorrow so that I at least know what we can expect.  I also got my LH number and it's 5.96.  I read on a site that it should be above 6 so that's not looking good either.  :(
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a high fsh has to do w/ the quality of the eggs left in you.i have had a friend get pregnany w/ ivf w/ a 12.i have an 11 and had tried ivf .i had 10 folliulles  8 that grew together down to 6 when it became time extract them only 2 were in there.they never fertilized.we are now pregnant w/ donor eggs.since we had nothing to freeze.we would continue to pay 18,000 a try .dr told me 5% w/ my eggs 60% w/ donor..its a very emotional decision but so happy w/ results.whayever you do the very best of luck!!
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