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How Soon Does Clomid Work? 1st Month Trying

Hi Everyone : )

I took my first round of Clomophene Citrate (Clomid)  days 3 to 7 of my cycle, March 14th being the first day of my cycle. I made sure to have sex the days my doctor recommended. I also took Robitussin during my fertile days to make sure my cervical mucus was not hostile. Seems like it helped. I should be expecting my cycle to start next weekend, April 9th or 10th....

Of coarse I am a little bit anxious to hopefully not start. But I just thought I would ask and see how many woman this drug has worked for and how long did it take? I have no symptoms of pregnancy as of yet, which I would assume it would be too soon anyway, right?

Please help keep my hopes up with your own personal experiences :D! Thank you in advance!!
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Hi i took 3 rounds of Clomid, Unfortunatly it didn't work for me, i'm now on IUI.

Clomid basically helps you to produce more follicals. (stimulates your overies). I had EVERY side effect going with it. Hurrible stuff!!.
Terrible mood swings, use to argue with anyone and everyone, poor DF didn't know where to put himself!. lol.Along with Hot flashes, Dizzyness, Tired, Bloated, vomiting and aching all over. Hopefully you wont get it that bad, think i was just unlucky!.

Good luck and keep us posted
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Thank you for your response =)

If you dont mind me asking, how come you only took 3 rounds of clomid and not 6? My doctor told me that I can take it for 6 rounds. What exactly is IUI? Is that insemination?

I am sorry about your side effects. I had major headaches and I was very moody! I hope this month is better for us all!

Lots of baby dust to you and I will def keep everyone posted!!

*love this site*
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im new to this site. it seems as if i cant get any insite as to how clomid works. im hoping it works for me considering i have pcos. do you have any advice or anything i should know about it
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I had also gone thru 3 rounds of clomid but it didnt work for me too, but u never know, it mite work for u in the first round,

lots of baby dust for all

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Hi -
I took three rounds of clomid, then took a month off -- it was my month off that I got my BFP -- now I'm 37 weeks pregnant! GOOD LUCK, it's worth the wait!!!
SSBD to you!
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Hi There!

Although I am not familiar with PCOS, I have been doing a lot of research on clomid. As for my own experience, I am now entering my 2nd round of clomid. I will def tell you that the clomid was really effective on me. My cycles were 24 to 26 days apart and the clomid put me right at 28 days. I also had a progesterone test done on day 21 of my cycle and it was a 28.24 which proves that I definitely ovulated. So it seems the clomid is doing what it is suppose to. The only problem, is it does not help with conception or implantation. That is all on our own individual bodies. It only helps with ovulation.

I have heard that clomid can cause thick mucus. So there are things you can do during your fertile window to prevent that from happening. Such as taking Robitussin, but it has to be the cough suppressant one only with only one ingredient called Guaifenesin. Its an expectorant that helps thin out your cervical mucus. Men can take it to during that time, it is suppose to help make it easier for the sperm to swim up there. I don't know that it always works because I have only tried it once and I am not prego. I also have heard about a lubricant called pre-seed. I am going to buy some because I noticed the clomid made me a little dry. It is a harmful lubricant that is sperm friendly. So it wouldn't hurt to use that if you wanted to.

Some of the side effects that I experienced when I took my first round was severe headaches, thick mucus and irritability. It sounds bad but it wasn't too bad. I"ll let you know how this next round goes. But from what I have learned about clomid, it effects everyone differently. The doctors are in control and as long as we follow the directions they give us, then we will get the correct results. They will let us know how the clomid is working.The key thing I am learning is patience and trust. We have help and thats what matters ;)

I was also told that if my cervical mucus is too hostile, then there is always insemination. I guess the point is, we can do all of the research we want but as long as we stick to the support behind it and not stress on the details, we will be ok. I over analyze everything, specially regarding fertility. I have been trying for over 8 years. Everyone is different and all we can do is what we can do.

I hope the information I shared with you was helpful!! I wish you the best of luck! Have you started taking your first round yet?? Keep us posted!
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