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How long to wait to start TTC after husband used Efudex cream on his face.

My husband used Efudex cream (Fluorouracil 5%) on a few pre-cancerous spots on his face 2x per day, for four weeks back in March. We would like to start trying to conceive again but not sure how long we need to wait after using this cream. All product information says not to use if pregnant or wanting to become pregnant, but doesn't give time frames.

Can you please advise how long it takes for his sperm to no longer be impacted by the use of Efudex cream? When can we starting trying to conceive again?
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Double check this with your doctor but I believe that you as the woman are the one who should not use it if pregnant and that your partner is not in the same situation. The fear is that it can harm the fetus but he fetus would be in YOUR body.  The packaging states that  it can cause fetal harm if administered to pregnant women.  So, that would mean if YOU use it. So, would think you are safe for trying to conceive. If you feel more comfortable, just make a quick phone call to your ob/gyn and ask them the question.  I'm fairly certain you will get the green light to go ahead.  Hope your partner's skin cancer is better!  
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Thank you specialmom! The doctor did specifically tell him not to father a child while using it, but he didn't think to ask if it was just during treatment or for a certain period afterwards as well. From my research I found that it greatly affects sperm quality and quantity, but again, it doesn't say for how long! I suppose the sperm needs to be healthy enough to make it to the egg and wouldn't if it was effected by the medication. But still, just wanted to be on the safe side :)
How is it going Angipantsbaby2? I appreciate a mom trying to be safe. :>))  Did you check in with the doctor?  I think in general, it is more the mom that is the concern.  How's the trying going?
I ended up seeing a doctor, who then asked another doctor. They concluded that yes, it would be more of a deal for a female to use it. They suggested waiting two to three months just to be on the safe side. No news yet :)
Ah.  Got it.  I'm glad you spoke with a doctor.  TTC can be a 'job' sometimes.  My advice is to try to have fun with it and keep it light.  I spent a good deal of time chasing my husband around saying "it's time!  we have to do it now!"  At first he was all in but after a year passed, he seemed like he was hiding from me when I made my war cry of NOW!  lol  I hope it goes well for you and we're here to chat during the process!!  :<))
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