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How many BFPs with IUI+Injectibles? Please share your stories.

Hi all,

To my utter sorrow and dismay, my insurance company denied authorization for my IVF cycle. The esteemed MD who was on the insurance company’s payroll sent me a terse letter outlining why he thinks he’s better than my RE and why he is recommending the denial of IVF treatment to me.

I am now forced to convert to an IUI + Injectible cycle, even though I have been through 3 failed Clomid IUIs and 1 failed IVF cycle. I can’t believe they’re downgrading me from IVF to IUI + Injectible:((( Maybe they’ll keep denying authorization of any treatment to me until my fertility is well past the expiration date and I’m menopausal… booo hoooo:((((((

It would really help if all of you ladies who had BFP with IUI + Injectible could share your success stories and boost my sagging spirits.


P.S: Sorry about the complaints and venting about the insurance companies. Hope I haven’t offended anyone.
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hey there!  i did 2 cycles of iui and injectables.  the first cycle did not work for us but the second one ended in BFP!!  i'll be 7 weeks tomorrow!  i used the gonal-f pen and ovidrel for 8 or 9 days.  i had my iui 3 days after trigger.  if you have any questions feel free  to ask me---  i'd be happy to help.  best of luck to you and i'm sorry about the ins. company.  they can be so harsh and not helpful.  hopefully some day they'll recognize infertility as a chronic illness.  :)
p.s.  i actually had 6 rounds of clomid and it produced great follicles but only one pregnancy that sadly ended in mc...
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Hi!! Thanks soo much for sharing your story!! I'm feeling so much better now:) knowing that IUI + Injectible resulted in BFP:)) Do you remember how many units of Gonal-f did you have to use? I am also going with Gonal-F pens. I have Menopur instead of Ovidrel.

Btw, what kind of infertility diagnosis did you have? We have both male (poor morphology)  and female(high E2 level, diminished ovarian reserve) :((

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Hi there,
I was on Clomid 150, then a trigger shot ovedril, then IUI and I got BFP!!!
It doesn't work for everyone, but I heard stories where people go back from IVF to IUI and get pregnant!!!!
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Anya, hey wowww congratulations!!! Thank you for sharing your success story. I know the success rate of IUI is so less when compared to IVF, and I already had 3 clomid IUIs. Somehow i felt clomid thinned my uterus lining a lot, so BFP chances were somehow even more affected.

Hey i didn't know people go back from IVF to IUI  and got BFP! That's really really encouraging for me to know :)))

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Hi Anya, I forgot to ask, could you share some more information on what kind of infertility you were diagnosed with?

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I have unexplained infertility.  I did Clomid for 4 months. Then, did injectables with IUI--The 3rd round worked--I am pg with twins!!
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I did 4 cycles of follistim injections, only 2 of those were IUI cycles.  Got pg on the 2nd IUI.  I'm now 11 weeks.

Good Luck
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Hi ladies, thank you so much for that!! This is really wonderful:))

Lexima, out of the 4 cycles of follistim, how come only 2 were IUI? I'm a little bit confused. What did you do for the other two follistim cycles?

-- feeling lighter!!

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It is so great to hear that there are REAL people out there who do get a BFP with IUI.  I am doing my 2nd IUI on the 18th. I am not taking injectables but I  started my clomid 50mg today (CD5) and will start my opk's around CD 11.  I finally convinced my Dr. to do an U/S to check my follies and he said he would on the 18th before my IUI.  My Dr. Is convinced that I am ovulating because a couple months ago I did a post O progesterone test that came out great!  Is that what you take injectables for??  What is follisim?  What is Gonal-f and Ovadril for??  My AF was lighter than normal and didnt last as long this cycle (3rd cycle of clomid 50mg) do you think it was like that because the clomid is thinning my lining?? Any responses will be helpful.  I am very glad to hear all of your success stories, thank you for sharing, and I  wish you all happy healthy babies!
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Hi there, will try and answer some of your questions:) Follistim and Gonal-f are the same kind of meds with different names. They are used to stimulate and mature the follicles so that when ovulation happens, more eggs are ready to be fertilized. Ovidrel is used to trigger ovulation. It's similar to HCG.

I do know that clomid thins the lining of the uterus somewhat, depends on the body type and how women respond to it. I myself had the experience where it thinned my lining quite a bit when i did 3 rounds of clomid + iui cycles. I was 100mg of clomid though.

Are you seeing a fertility specialist, I mean an RE, or is your ob-gyn prescribing clomid to you? Also, do please share the kind of diagnosis you have had so far re infertility if you can. I wish you all the very best for your IUI cycle and hope you have a BFP too!! Sending you lots and lots of SSBD!!! Good luck:))

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Hi Julie,
That sucks about your insurance denial.
FYI--I have a friend who had failed IVF, and went back to IUI.  She got pregnant with twins, then 2 years later did it again, and got pregnant AGAIN with twins!
So, happy thoughts to you... it does work!!
:-) kp
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Hey!! I just sent a long winded response to your post about low responders... cross my heart I had NOT seen this reply first:)))))

Thank you sooo much for sharing that story!! I'm feeling much better about being downgraded to an IUI... I was really feeling quite low the first day I got the news. Anyways, it's sooooo fantastic to know your friend got pregnant with twins!! and twice too! wowww

thanks again!

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Can't think of it as a "downgrade"!  That sounds like you are trading in an old car!  :-)
Besides, at least you won't have as many shots!!!
Always a good side to every story!
kp  :-)
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Ive been watching this thread with much interest since I start my round of injectibles in about 2 hours!  It would just be so awesome if this worked so we didn't have to go though IVF.  I know I'm taking Menopr.. I should.. I paid enough for it!!! Hell, I don't even know exactly how much I will be taking.. I guess I'll know in a few hours!
Im excited!
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Wishing you all the best for your cycle. Hoping you get a BFP!!!
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You too Julie!!!  
Don't insurance companies suck?  
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My insurance did not cover any of the treatments. I had lap with laser for endometriosis in Oct. (that was covered under my ins. We did a HCG booster in December and tried naturally...got bfn. We decided to bite the bullet and do an IUI with a round of clomid in Jan. We got a BFP!!! We were shocked cuz the odds were like 10 % that it would work. I am currently 13 weeks pregnant and on progesterone for a few more days. I know how insurance co. can be. Just do what you can and get plenty of REST!!!
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I am doing IUI for the first time.  No injectables however but if I don't get a positive LH on my clear blue easy (smily face) ovulation kit then I will get a shot of something come Wednesday.  I don't even know of what...I am quickly getting punched in the gut by my insurance company too, $500 for an ultrasound this morning.  URG!  Let me know how all you ladies cycles go!!!  I am excited for all of you, keep looking forward and never back!!!
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Hi ladies, just an update from my end. I've been on 225 units of Gonal-F for about 4 days now and tomorrow's my first U/S appt with my RE to check for any progress. I had 9 follicles at my baseline u/s, so I'm really hoping most of them are on their way to getting bigger...

Keeping my fingers crossed!

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I have really terrible news:(( When the doc did my U/S today, she found only 3 so-so follicles. There were 9 antral follicles at the beginning and now there are just 3. She was in such a hurry to rush out the door that I couldn't even get all my questions answered. I do understand that she is very busy and has other important work to do, but why couldn't she atleast wait a minute or two to answer some of my questions?

I feel so so so low just now, like its all downhill from here on. Not to mention, the stupid receptionist at the doc's office was sooo rude to me when I showed up 30 minutes late for the appt. I did leave early, but there was an accident on the roads and I got stuck in humungous traffic for so long. She was giving me major attitude about how LATE I was... I cannot cannot believe this. The last time I went in for an appt, I showed up 15 mins early, but the doc only saw me 30 minutes later!! I never complained:((

I can't even vent anymore, I feel really awful.
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SO sorry about the follies.  ANd f*c* that rude b*tc* at the front desk.  Dont let her get you down.  I hope you are feeling better today.

Hey I wanted to thank you for your response to my questions about what the different meds are for.  I am going for my 2nd IUI tommorrow and u/s too so I have a lot of questions for my dr.   I am not convinced I am o'ing and I am also concerned that I may have a high amount of LH throughout the month. Im not sure what that could mean.  I started testing on my CBE monitor on Day 9 and it was High and has remained there. I am also doing OTC OPK at night and the line is medium in darkness.   Last month   I started CBE on cd 7 and started getting high on cd 12 did IUI on cd 15 , never did get a peak and my cycle was 33 days long.  I finally stopped testing on cycle day 17 and it was still high.  I went for progesterone test 7dpo in Dec. when I started clomid and it was good 14.0 but that doesnt mean I will o every month.  So i also requested that for this cycle.  I think I will o on cd 16 (sunday)  

I havent really been diagnosed with anything.  My dr. and I both think that I do not O every month on my own due to some short cycles and that in the past I have not gotten peak on my CBE monitor. I also had one really bad progesterone test post o but I wasnt even testing my ovulation then so it could have been at the wrong time. I also used to do bbt testing a long time ago and it was very spiratic and several times never saw a jump it would just go up and down so thats another reason.  My DH had major issues when he did his first SA but they found the problem, vericocella, and he had surgery for that in NOV 06' and did 4-5 cycles of comid in mid 07'  so things have gotten better as far as count and motility but last time I did IUI my dr. did a quick semen check under the microscope and he said count and motility were great but morphology was only at 50% normal.  So that is most of my story in a nutshell.  When r u sched for IUI again? Do you have any advise for questions I should ask about my follies and lining when we do u/s tommorrow?  Anything else he should be checking?  I am also going to find out if he did LH:FSH cd 3 test to check for pcos too.  I think I did do some blood work on cd 3 back in Dec when we started but not sure if he checked that or not.  Well I wish you luck and let me know how you are doing.  ANy feedback would be great!  Thanks for you time!
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Oh by the way.... so follisim and gonal-f do they take the place of clomid or used in conjunction with it?  Are they injectables??  Thanks and sorry for the naiveity
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i just didmy blood work today and waiting with the hope that the Lord blesses my ears with good news
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