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How many embryos to transfer?

In my last 2 fresh ivf cycles the unit i am at said there policy is one at a time i am 35 and after first go working have had 7 not work since (2 early miscarriages) what do people think I want to push for 2 (all frozen gos had 2 and first fresh that worked!)
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I'd do 2, especially if you are ready to handle it if both of them take and you have twins.
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I totally agree with Annie.  At least 2 embryo's increases your chances.  Since you have had so many problems staying pregnant, it seems that they should concentrate on WHY.  All the implanted embryo's in the world, won't work, if they don't find the reason for so many "misses."  There has to be a reason why all these attempts are not working.

I am so sorry that you have another chemical pregnancy.  I can't even imagine the struggles women go through with IUI's and multiple IVF's.  My heart just breaks for all of you.

I wish you the best of luck and the doctor's find out the reason why you are not conceiving a sticky egg.  My heart really goes out to you.

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