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How many embyos should I transfer?

Hi All,
I'm in the process of my second round of IVF(FET) and I am debating how many embryos to transfer. I have 11 grade 2 frozen embies...so quantity isn't the problem. With my fresh cycle, I transfered 2 when my RE has been confident in just transferring one. I fought for the 2 because I really wanted to have twins and be done with all of this. Anyway, I got pregnant but my beta numbers were low from the beginning-they did triple and on 19dpo I lost the pregnancy. The RE simply said that sometimes this happens even though the embies looked great on the outside, they may have been bad on the inside. I am healthy 31 year old, we have male factor infertility(morphology at 1%). I am so scared that something else is wrong.
Anyway, My RE wants to transfer 2 this time, and I want 3. I'm so conflicted and maybe some of your stories will help guide me in the right direction. Thanks for reading!
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You are still young.  I would go for 2.  It's better to be safe.  Good Luck.
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Well, if you do 3, you have a high chance of triplets because of your young age... are you ready for that : )

Good Luck and Baby dust to you!!
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I agree with Kricket and would transfer two again if it were me.  Good luck!
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Honestly, if it were me, I'd only transfer one, and I did :) If you definitely want twins, then 2 would be the MOST I'd go with. As everybody else said, you are young, and you may end up with triplets. Kind of off topic, but why do you press for twins? There are a lot of risks involved with multiple pregnancies; did you consult this with your doctor? Best of luck!
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