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How many people in this forum are trying to get preg for the first time?

Wondering how many ladies are trying to  have their first baby.I have been trying for over 2 years now.I am on clomid and metformin, have lost 40 lbs from 187 lbs, I am 145 lbs now(I am 5 ft 7 1/2 in). Done all this to get preg. Food habits are completely organic too.I am doing all I can.

Still waiting for baby No 1.All the beat to you ladies.
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Hi-I have been trying for about 26 months for my first.  I have done 4 natural iui's (no drugs) and just finished my first month of injectables Gonal F ang HCG trigger w/ 2 iui's.  I will not find out if it worked until next week Friday. It's frustrating but all worth it in the end:)
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Hello.. I am still trying for #1...  have had 1 m/c and going to m/c anyday now (to make it two m/c)... Have been ttc for 26 months, also....moved onto IVF...this was my first IVF.... what is the metformin for???
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Hey girl-have you heard anything from your doctor?  Has he/she given you any explaination as to why this happened?  I hope you're feeling ok?  Hang in there:(
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No, nothing yet....of course.....I have to get more bloodwork tomorrow AM...so they should call me by 10:30 AM to let me know what is going to happen next... I physically feel fine and am dreading AF and the m/c... because I feel so good right now....The only thing that hurts is my butt from those stupid progesterone shots!!!  Emotionally, doing OK... I still cannot sleep and I also received many Christmas cards today with pictures of all my friends and their new little families...so depressing....How are you doing??? are you getting anxiuos to find out about your BFP!!!???
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Hey i having been trying for baby no. 1 for 1 ear and 7 months, 9 months into ttc, i told a white lie and said i had been trying for a year. My gyno put me through tests, i should have had years ago because of painful periods and terrible depression! It turned out i have sever endometrosis! I had a lap surgery in duly. I have done one iui with drugs and i ivf. I have taken a break over the holidays and start back in jan! Good luck to you all and to me:)
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yes very anxious.  I wish I could find out now! I have my company x-mas party on Saturday and I want a glass of wine!!! I'm just frustrated.
I know those x-mas cards, I've got about 3 so far all from friends w/ their kids.  All with big smiles as if everything is perfect.  I know I shouldn't be bitter-whatever.  Let me know what happens tomorrow!  You are in my prayers:)
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I'm sure you figured it out but that last comment was for you:)
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I'm trying for my 1st babay as well.9 months of ttc with no success.This doesn't seems to be my month either as i am a week away from af but have all my regular pms symptoms.
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I'm trying for number 1.

On and off for about 2 years. Kept just going away and relaxing and letting 'some time pass' as the doctors suggested.

Have had blood tests, HSG, pelvic ultrasound - all clear.

My next appt is on Tues and I'm guessing a laparoscopy will be recommended now, although I have no symptoms of endo.

So Frustrating!!

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hi i am trying for my 1st baby also for 7yrs now. i had m/c on oct. (1st pregnancy ever thru IVF) i've been married for 7 &10mos. i know how frustrating it is every month we have our af. we did 4 IUIs also. i'm still hoping to get pregnant & deliver a baby. i know i'm getting my af next week as my syptoms are in. UGH! sometimes i feel like i can't take it anymore... but i keep my positive thinking..(i try)..  GOODLUCK to all of you girls..
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DH and I are trying for our first. I have been TTC going on 19 looong months now! AF is due today and I have horrible cramps so I think shes coming.:( This will be my third round of clomid I have no idea what the plan is if that doesn't work. Good luck  everyone! ~*Baby dust!*~
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Hey ladies!  Well, I'm trying for my 3rd pregnancy.  Dh and I have been trying for a year and have been pregnant twice.  I m/c the first one Jan. 06 at 7wks and the second one Nov. 06 at 5wks.  They were both due to a blighted ovum.  I'm praying that the third one will stick around for about nine months!  I hope this year is a blessing for all of us.  I feel that's it's going to go better than the last.  Let's hope and pray.  Baby dust to you all!
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Hello, I have been trying for baby #1 for 8 months.  I was diagnosed with PCOS due to abnormal CD 3 b/w not Ovulating on my own, cycstic ovaries.  I have never been overweight but was still diagnosed with PCOS because of the other factorsHad an HSG in October and I am on my second cycle of Clomid.  Taking Metformin also 1500mg.  I finally Ovulated this cycle and am 8DPO.  Did a trigger shot and IUI.  I am praying for a BFP this cycle.  Good luck to all of us
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I am trying for my first as well. This is our fourth month of trying and, for now, we are trying the au naturale approach. How many of you tried the natural approach before clomid/IVF, etc? And for how long did you try?
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I have been ttc for 19 months now.  I did have two m/c's.  One in February @ 5 wks 3 days and one in June @ 10 wks 5 days though I was not showing that far along.  Both ended up as a blighted ovum.  I had a D&C for the 2nd pregnancy and have not been able to conceive since.  We do know through my RE that I have a low progesterone problem.  We are going to try clomid to bring my progesterone levels up and increase my chances in conceiving.  It will be my first round when AF arrives Dec. 13.  Lets hope it dosen't though.  Everyone wish me luck and baby dust to you all.
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I am trying for #1 I just lost my first Oct. 28th and am desperate to concieve again.  So this forum is a great place to talk to other women in the same boat.
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Well Ladies, we are all on the same boat together. the waiting is the most exhausting.At least we all understand what the other is going through.
All the best to all you ladies, never loose hope, pray that 2007 will be year of immense joy in all our lives.
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Hello all! I'm also trying for my first. We have been trying for 2 1/2 years now - I have had 2 m/c and it's been 9 months since my last one. Recently found out I have a tipped uterus so I'm hoping that we will have a better chance now that we know about that. Good luck to all!!!
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I'm trying for baby #1. Been at it for 1 1/2 yrs. I'm 30 yrs old. Currently doing the clomid thing. Had to stop trying for 8 months while I got sorted out--no periods during that time. Really hoping this is my lucky month, it would be a nice xmas present! Everyone we know has already had 1, some are lapping us with their 2nd!
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Been ttc #1 for 7yrs, 29yrs old, I don't post much but do lurk around here-Best of luck to all you ladies! Take care, em
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Good morning, ladies.  Well...you may not appreciate my post, but I'll try anyways.  I'm 33 and did have one daughter at 29. HOWEVER, it took 7 years and 3 surgeries to have her.  Turned out that my tubes were completely clogged.  Also, my progesterone level is ALWAYS low so in order for me to maintain a pregnancy, I MUST get on progesterone right away...otherwise I will definitely miscarry.  I've had 4 miscarriages and one birth.  I've recently learned (2 days ago) that if a woman is suffering from progesterone level problems, she should actually start progesterone therapy BEFORE conceiving, rather than after.  Of course, I had to learn this now!  I'm currently 4 weeks prego with a very low progesterone level (7.5).  But, hopefully I caught it in time and the progesterone suppositories I just got on will help me go full term.  I get another blood test tomorrow to see how things are progressing -- I'm praying day and night.  I know exactly what you ladies are going through and I wish you all the best of luck!
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I am 30yrs old, have been ttc #1 for almost 2years now.  had a laparoscopy for removal of chocolate cysts. have done 3 iui's with clomid/injectables and the next iui cycle was converted to ivf with no success.  after this i discovered that my tsh levels were high, under treatment for hypothyroidism.  this is my second month of treatment.  so hopping that this is the only cause for my problems and things will be better in future.

lots of Baby dust to all
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hello  i'm new at this and i have seen alot of your comments and i need to learn the language what does (AF, bb ect.) stand for? I have been trying to concive for several years now 10 to be exact and i have only had one ivf cycle every one sounds so motivaded and positive and i just really enjoy reading your talks.
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Im 34 y.o trying for 1st bb, I've been TTC for 7 months now.....went to my ob/gyn 3months ago, done some test-U/S, blood test (chemistry, cbc & Hcg) all seems normal.....tho' my ob/gyne didn't advised me to take Clomid, I started taking it today morning.....I heard that clomid is quiet effective and I did a lot of research about it on net, asking some pharmacist opinion and read lots of article concerning clomid, reading forums etc it took me atleast 1 week before i decided to take.  I want to give it a shot, if failed i'll go for a follow up with my obgyne.

I planned to take 50 mg for CD3-7....taken today 9am and must be taken at the same time.

good luck to all and please share your experience.......
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