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How many people in this forum are trying to get preg for the first time?

Wondering how many ladies are trying to  have their first baby.I have been trying for over 2 years now.I am on clomid and metformin, have lost 40 lbs from 187 lbs, I am 145 lbs now(I am 5 ft 7 1/2 in). Done all this to get preg. Food habits are completely organic too.I am doing all I can.

Still waiting for baby No 1.All the beat to you ladies.
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Hi-I have been trying for about 26 months for my first.  I have done 4 natural iui's (no drugs) and just finished my first month of injectables Gonal F ang HCG trigger w/ 2 iui's.  I will not find out if it worked until next week Friday. It's frustrating but all worth it in the end:)
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Hello.. I am still trying for #1...  have had 1 m/c and going to m/c anyday now (to make it two m/c)... Have been ttc for 26 months, also....moved onto IVF...this was my first IVF.... what is the metformin for???
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Hey girl-have you heard anything from your doctor?  Has he/she given you any explaination as to why this happened?  I hope you're feeling ok?  Hang in there:(
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No, nothing yet....of course.....I have to get more bloodwork tomorrow AM...so they should call me by 10:30 AM to let me know what is going to happen next... I physically feel fine and am dreading AF and the m/c... because I feel so good right now....The only thing that hurts is my butt from those stupid progesterone shots!!!  Emotionally, doing OK... I still cannot sleep and I also received many Christmas cards today with pictures of all my friends and their new little families...so depressing....How are you doing??? are you getting anxiuos to find out about your BFP!!!???
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Hey i having been trying for baby no. 1 for 1 ear and 7 months, 9 months into ttc, i told a white lie and said i had been trying for a year. My gyno put me through tests, i should have had years ago because of painful periods and terrible depression! It turned out i have sever endometrosis! I had a lap surgery in duly. I have done one iui with drugs and i ivf. I have taken a break over the holidays and start back in jan! Good luck to you all and to me:)
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yes very anxious.  I wish I could find out now! I have my company x-mas party on Saturday and I want a glass of wine!!! I'm just frustrated.
I know those x-mas cards, I've got about 3 so far all from friends w/ their kids.  All with big smiles as if everything is perfect.  I know I shouldn't be bitter-whatever.  Let me know what happens tomorrow!  You are in my prayers:)
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