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How much does IVF cost????

Well, for those who have read some of my post I went to the doctor today. My HCG level was 12, which probably means this is just residual from the second trigger shot. They want me to go back for a second test to make sure. but I am almost certain, I am cramping today, and feeling like I am going to start. I spoke with my Dr. last visit and told her we wanted to be more agressive as I have read on many of the post. she stated we should go forward with IVF. I thought she was going to say IUI. I am worried that I won't get pregnant with IVF either. What is the cost? What is the difference between IUI and IVF? anyone know the success rates with either. This was my first round of clomid, I had 3 mature follicles, we had sex 3 days in a row after the trigger shot. My DH tries to make me feel better but he just does not understand the disappointment. I am 35 he is 30. He feels like that is no big deal. Please!! He is fooling himself. I have 2 children from a previous marriage, never had a problem, than 5 miscarriages in 2 years. Now i can't get pregnant. I mean I was on clomid, HCG (2 shots), progestrone (vaginally), Lovenox,and estradol and I still could not have a baby.
Ok I'm sorry, I got off the subject just a little disappointed. I swear i am addicted to this forum. Anytime my doctor tells me something I check it here for confirmation! LOL!! could someone who has gone through IVf or IUI and been successful help me out. What is best? I am covered by my personal insurance(BCBS) and DH(United Health) hope I don't get in trouble for putting that, His insurance pays so much better. And I'm a federal employee. I went to get my Lovenox pre filled injections for 30 days, I handed them mine and they said 1000. I gave told them I ws covered by his as well, $40 is all I paid. Well enough babbeling just looking for answers.
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Ivf has a much higher success rate than IUI but it's also more invasive and expensive.  IUI costs about $150-200 while ivf depending on your protocol will cost you about $10-15K unless your insurance covers it.  For me only ivf worked but for many ladies on this forum IUI worked along with injectables.  The choice is yours.  Before you make a decision you sould find out whether ivf is covered by your insurance.
Good luck to you!
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so sorry to hear that AF may be on its way : (  a very unwelcome guest!    do yall know what your fertiltiy challenges are?? any endo, pcos , male factor etc??    so you've never tried IUI?  how many cycles have you been on clomid??    I personally thought that IUI would never work.. the success rates don't look that great on paper and we didn't even qualify!! (sperm has to have at least 5% morph to "qualify" for IUI) but my RE insisted we try before IVF, just becuase IVF is not only more expensive , but i imagine more emotionally involving too, and physically harder... so we did three IUI's on our last one we did get preg (femara+follistim+ novarel trigger, IUI and progesterone)   our insurance thank goddness covers IUI.. which is arond 200 then sperm wash is $90, then ultrasound monitoring is about $100/ultrasound i think.. and we do 3-4 a cycle maybe 5... so it adds up, but insurance pays for a lot of that.. then the follistim was i think around $300 or so from IVPcare... so it worked for us.. though i am miscarrying (but first pregnancy so happy it did work at least)
IVF wlll cost us arond 9k per try..
    have you tried femara or injectables??
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this is my first round of clomid. I took novarel trigger, progestrone, estradal, and lovenox. My husband is good. He had a seman analysis and everything came back fine. Does that mean we won't qualify for IUI. I had a laporscopy done which found endo. My blood results found low progestrone, but now I am wondering if my doctor is just going through the motions. because after all this I still don't know what is going on. I don't feel any closer to a solution. Could you tell me what ISCI stnds for. How do I find out if my insurance pays just call and ask? Dont want to screw anything up. How invasive is IVF. Can you tell me how it works. I appreciate all you advise.
I am really sorry for your loss. It is hard. Once you get pregnant then you have to worry about keeping the baby. Wish there was a for sure solution. I gues that is what happens when you create life.
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oh thats great that your dh had good results! no i meant that we didn't qualify becuase our semen results were so bad! that his doctor and most doctors said that IVF with ICSI is the only way!   so if your dh's analysis looks good then IUI might be a great choice!   most doctors like to have at least 3 failed IUI's before moving onto IVF...unless you don't have open tubes or something like that.. kind of shocked that they are talking about IVF without trying IUI... I know lots and lots of people on here that have gotten preg with IUI.. i'm personally not a patient person so was ready to move to IVF after only 2 IUI's but thankgoodness my dr wanted to try one more time!
   ICSI is where they take an individual sperm and inject it into each egg for IVF.. typically used with people that have Male factor infertiltiy as an issue..
    you might try femara (which doesn't thin the lining like clomid and doesnt strip away cervical mucus like clomid either ) and see how your body responds adn try IUI with it.. sounds like if since youve been able to get pregnant on your own in the past that might be a great option! however.. its obviously a very personal decision!    GOOD LUCK and let me know if you have any questions!    oh yea  i just called my insurance.. so did the RE's office and they gave me the answer!
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if you do IVF with donor embryos it can cost only 2-3 thousand dollars!
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what is injectables? What is the difference in IVF and IUI?
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The difference between IUI and IVF is that with IUI you produce the eggs and all but they inject the sperm into your uterus.  With IVF they have you produce the eggs.  They retrieve the eggs.  Then they put the eggs together with the eggs and then depending on your eggs they will transfer the embryos between 3-5 days.  So IVF is more invasive than an IUI.  My husband and I can't do IUI because he has the male factor and I have PCOS where I don't ovulate at all so we had pretty much zero chance of getting pregnant on our own.
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It really depends upon your area and what you choose.  If you are not covered by insurance, IUI costs can range from a couple of hundred to almost two thousand.  IVF costs range from tens of thousands (for cost sharing with 3 attempts) to several thousand.  I would reccomend talking to an RE to ask about the costs, as well as your insurance company.  Maybe you will get lucky and they will cover some, if not all.

Like Kaprovea, DH and I have male factor and IVF (with ICSI) is basically our only option.  

Good Luck!
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Someone asked about IVF stats, they are all on the CDC website, you may even find your clinic...as for the person who asked about insurance, call your RE.  Mine has a financial department that takes a copy of our insurance card and looks into it for us, they know the codes and "talk" and saves you the stress, you have enought to worry about.  I live in California and it is $10,700 plus meds, ICSI (where they inject the individual egg with a sperm for conception) is additional $5K, assisted hatching is also an additional cost but they do that if you are over 35 or had a failed IVF cycle in the past, it leads to mono twins (identical twins in the same sac) which is really high risk so they don't like to do that and it is difficult.  The meds they gave me a list of which I can shop around and even buy on the internet for less money.  I would also find out because some insurances pay for fertility treatment up to three times or something and they don't seem to care if they are paying for IUI or IVF.  If that is the case, I would do IVF and take advantage of that...then save IUI for later because its cheaper...this ***** its all out of pocket.  Lastly, mine is one cycle "plus" which means if they create extra embryos they freeze them to use right away the next month if you need them, they can be frozen for 10 years.  This saves the harvesting costs and time.  Best of luck to you.
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I live in Texas, but I am doing the treatment in Lima, Peru in a private Fertility Clinic. The treatment is the same as in the US, however, it is a lot cheaper. We paid for the whole treatment including medicines, sonograms, etc. etc. 5500 dollars (ICSI-IVF). The second time we had a discount, so it was like 5000 dollars. Even if you include hotel, air tickets, etc. etc. it will be a lot cheaper than in the US. The doctors are great, very professional and with wonderful bed manners. You can check their website on http://www.igf.com.pe/home.php My doctor is Dr. Augusto Ascenzo, I highly recommend him or any of the other doctors. This is a private clinic only for fertility, OB/GYN and women´s.
Good luck with your treatment!
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I have lost my daughter to someone I hardly knew like a stupid person, but I want another baby asap. I dont no money at all to my name at this time, but will soon. I hope someone can help me get there with another baby. I dont know if I can have another one, but I need help to see if I am still releasing eggs or what and if I can still get pregant. Please help me found out if I can get there again. Please and Thank You!!!

Truly,   Jessie
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I am 28 y.o, my DH is 25... I have children from a previous marriage and did not need IVF. I had a tubal ligation in 2004.  We did IVF last year and there were no factors.  10 eggs retrieved. 7 fertilized normally, 3 fertilized abnormally, 0 eggs unfertilized and 2 transferred.  We are self pay, so this was a little financial strain on us.  We expected good results, but we had to face the reality that the embryos did not implant.  My family thought it wasn't a big deal.. "All saying that I already have children so it doesn't matter, but we paid $13,000.00 with meds out of pocket..." And it is a big deal to my husband and I, because we want a baby and we paid for it.  I am thinking of doing IVF again, a fresh cycle because we opted to discard the remaining embryos, because we were so confident it would work, because neither of us had factors. We have been left heartbroken, out of a lot of money and confused... I do want to try again, but am not sure how successful we will be this time... The RE is changing the protocol a bit, but IDK... I need some advice, we are praying about this before we forward with it.. Does anyone have any input?
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My husband is from Peru and has suggested we go there for fertility treatments.  Did you do anything in the states prior to prepare?  Were you satisfied with your treatment and results? Thanks, kt
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I didn't do anything to prepare but take prenatal vitamins, and I was satisfied with my results.  If you do go out of the country, be careful and try to find a reputable place.
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I spent three years trying to have a baby. Two miscarriages in one year. I then moved on to fertility clinic since my ob Gyn didn't think it was taking to long after the miscarriages. We decided to try iui which took two cycles. My insurance only covers a 20000 lifetime Max for fertility. So I was very scarce about what I decided. Neither me or my husband has any fertility issues and till this day no one can tell me why the losses or the difficulty getting pregnant. But since I am 36 and I didn't want to wait till I was 40 So I had to try something. Every clinic has a billing department who looks into that so check with them. Also if you don't have any barriers I would try iui at least once or twice. I am now pregnant with twins from my second round of iui even when that cycle was looking funny and the first one had looked for sure.its a lot to take in but think about your needs and just do what you believe is right for you. Good luck on your decision.
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