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How quick do follies grow per day on follistim??

I'm currently on CD 10. I started my first cycle of follistim on CD 3, 100iu per day. I had my first u/s and bloodwork this past Friday ( CD 7). The u/s showed my lining at 8mm, 2 mature follies on the left at 11mm along with several smaller ones, and 1 mature one on the right at 8mm also with several smaller ones. My E2 levels were 331 also, so they kept my dose the same. I continued taking the follistim until last night. I had my 2nd u/s today to check my follies, and my lining was at 12.5, still had 2 mature follies on the left at 17mm and now have 6 mature follies on the right all measuring 14mm!! I'm waiting on my E2 levels, and should know around 2 pm today. The nurse said no more meds, and I will definately be back in a couple days either for another u/s to check the growth of the follies, or for iui. I'll know exactly when the nurse calls with my results today. I'm just scared that the follies on the right side won't catch up in time for my ovulation, since the ones on my left side are 3 mm bigger... I wouldn't think the RE would have me trigger tonight, since my biggest follies are only at 17mm!? I really want as many follies to release as possible! So, since I've stopped my meds, how fast do you think my follies will grow, and do you think all 6 of my 14mm follies will catch up in time for my ovulation?
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It all depend on your body.  I just went through the same thing last month it took nine days for one of mind to get to 22 mm and I am happy to report I just found out Im prgnant.  
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My RE told me that your follies will grow 1-2mm per day ...however I had some that would grow 3mm per day near the end.  They ensured that the biggest were in the 20's before triggering.  So your 17mm could be 20mm by tomorrow - definitely by Wednesday!  1 or 2 days can make a big difference! :)

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