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How to LOWER HcG Levels after Miscarriage?

My HcG levels were over 15,000 when we had to have a D & C (blighted ovum).   Two days later they went waydown to 1800. That's a great drop, but the level needs to get down to 2.  The nurse said don't be surprised if they linger for awhile.

DOes anyone have any adivice to LOWER the level and get the hormone out of your system to get your body back on track?

I have been drinking about 2 gallons of water everyday and doing moderate exercise hoping to cleanse out my system.

Anyone have any other suggestions?
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If you hear of any let me know as during my last miscarriage I tried everything and they went down on their own time.  My doctor told me that the hormone is in your blood system and it all depends on how your body metabolizes stuff and that it just goes down at it's own pace.  My levels were like yours at the time of the D&C and they were 900 the day after.  It took 4 weeks to get to zero.  I know...frustrating!  I'm most likely going to miscarry this time also so I'll be in the same boat again.  ARGH...
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Mine were even higher than that and was back to 0 2 wks after d&c. I was 12 wks. I don't think there's any way to bring Hcg back down other than time.
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My RE prescribed Cytotec.  I hear it has only been used for about 2+ years but it brought me to a big fat 0 so I could get started IVF again.  I started stimulation yesterday!  Good Luck - Hope you are feeling well.
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it took mine forever so ling i had to go in every 2 weeks for 6 weeks to check them...after the 3rd time I just quit going I HATE NEEDLES..be patient
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Well, I think what I am doing is working so far.   My levels went from 1800 Thursday to 311 Sunday.  I hope they keep dropping quick.
I don't think I want to take any drugs... I'd like to get this out ofme naturally.
Well, water seems to be working.  
I guess it is the metobolism... I have a quick metaobilism so everything is moving quick.  
GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL and I thank you for your input.
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hello everyone,
i found out on september 17th (also, horribly, my 32nd birthday) that my baby had died, and i had the choice of either a d&c or wait for my body to naturally expel the baby and tissues my uterus had built for pregnancy. i chose the natural method, i have horrible anxiety at the hospital/dr.'s office, and i thought this would be much easier on me. so 3 days later, i began spotting.
after about 5 days of spotting, i bled more heavily, much like a normal period, only more tissuey, and now i'm back to spotting. i feel like my body has expelled what it needs to, and that i'm on the road to recovery. however, i took a pregnancy test this morning, and it still came out positive! no way i'm pregnant. the deed has not been done. my husband and i have distinctly not felt sexy since this happened.

i'm hoping that someone can tell me if this is normal. my hcg level is obviously high enough for a positive result on a pregnancy test, so how long does it take to drop all the way down?  any feedback on this would be great! thanks!
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i had a d&c almost a month ago  ive been experiencing itchy skin, nasea, my nipples are itchy and not so rreally sore  i hadnt had sex since my d&c. i also got sick with a bad infection after my d&c  got antibiotic  which helped  my body deels like its crashing  im tired all the time had to wake up in the morning  is this normal i dont know what my levels are they havent been checked . I had sex 3 weeks before my d&c my doc. said since i was already pregnet 10 weeks to be exact that there s no way i would be and especially after the d&c so how did your body react before you resumned you regular cycle again
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I had a d & c 5 weeks ago.  My last bloodwork showed my hcg level to be at 5.  I'm supposed to go in 2 weeks to get hcg levels tested again.  I've heard it can take anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks.  If you want to get pregnant again soon, it might be a good idea to go in every week or 2 to get your levels tested.  From what I understand, you won't ovulate or get your period until the levels are at 0.
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I had a D&C 14 weeks and 5 day ago (yes i'm counting)  i still haven't got my period. It suck the doctor's keep saying im stressing about it thats why it hasn't happened but all i want is to start trying again for a baby.what should i do.
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Ask your doctor if he can prescribe progesterone (provera) to jump start your period.  You take it for 7-10 days, then after about a week you should have your period.  If not, there could be some other problem causing your lack of a period.  

After my first D&C, it was 10 weeks and no period.  My doctor also said it was due to stress, so put me on provera.  It took another few weeks but I finally got my period and was able to ttc again.
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Thanks, I went to the doctors and he sent me for some blood tests. They all came back normal. They showed i was at the start of my cycle so i should get my period soon or they will put me on the pill for 2 months to get things going. but i will ask for that instead.
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A related discussion, No period after D&C...high HCG of 196! was started.
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