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Husband does not agree with fertility treatment

I have been ttc our second child for over a year now with no success.

I have pcos and did seek fertility treatment for a few cycles,  it worked after 3 cyces and i fell pregnant but i sadly lost the baby at 6 weeks.
We were very devastated.
Its been a few months since the miscarriage and i want to get back on fertility treatment to conceive but my hubby doesn't want me too. He said that he doesn't agree with fertility medication anymore,  he says its wrong and unnatural and that its forcing a pregnancy and taking the control out of gods hands.   He said he wants to have a baby naturally.
This really hurts me and i feel so depressed and angry with myself for having pcos . It took 2 years to conceive my first child and it was a miracle,  i conceived naturally after i had given up trying to concieve.

Should i respect my husband's decision and just let it go? Or keep trying to convince him? This treatment is out there to help couples concieve,  i just don't understand why he is so against it.

Sorry for the ramble, I'm just very confused.
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I think there are a lot of things in the world that it is hard to understand as being created by God, such as miscarriages and PCOS.  But if things that help a woman have a baby are not top candidates for things created by God for a good reason, it is hard to imagine what would be.  
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This sounds to me like your husband is not over the grief or handling it differently then you have. Maybe he's afraid of another loss? My husband and I lost 5 babies all via IVF because that's the only way it would work for us. We were both devistated. In 20014 we were blessed with our first baby and 3 months ago our second both via IVF. It felt very unnatural but not that it's done and over with we couldn't be happier. Hopefully you can convince him to come with you to see the doctor and let him explain it to your husband. They have dealt with these feelings many times in their careers. I think you might get a little further this way with your husband. I wish you both the best. Loss of any kind is not easy.
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