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Husband having ED

hey, i hav been married for 4 years but never had sex.but now since we are trying for baby, we recently started trying.my husband was unable to maintain erection.he checked with a urologist and now he takes medicine called Tazzle before we try...he is now successfully able to be erect and penetrate.
My question is that everytime we want to have sex, he has to take medicine.is there a way where he can hold erection without medication or does he have to take medicine every time??he is 35 years old.
another question is that do these ED medicines affect fertility or are safe to take especially when we are planning for a baby??

please reply
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Hi there,
If your partner is able to maintain an erection long enough to have sexual intercourse, you may be able to get pregnant. Erectile dysfunction isn't necessarily related to problems with your reproductive system. This condition doesn’t mean that you do not have healthy sperm that are necessary for conception. That means that if you're able to have sex even once, you may still get pregnant. There are no controlled studies in pregnant women or animal-reproduction studies have shown an adverse effect with the use of this drug. Regarding the duration of treatment it is best to discuss it with his doctor.  Keep me posted.
Best luck and regards!
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Hey doc,
thank you so much for your answer..its of great help...jus one more question...since last 4-5 months, i have been really stressed out with the whole idea of getting pregnant n trying to conceive..as a result i am somehow feeling that there is change in my cervical mucus...earlier i would have enough cervical mucus during my ovulation days and while trying to have sex, i would get enough wet...but now for almost 2-3 months, i have very less cervical mucus and also while my husband does foreplay, i am mostly dry and so i have to use lube...please suggest what do i do?? i read about a medicine on internet called "FERTILITY CM" which enhances cervical mucus...what do you suggest should i take that?? beacuse i just dont want to miss any chance of me getting pregnant..please advice
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