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I didn't know I was Pregnant, is it possible?

Is this really possible? I mean for those of you are or have been pregnant, is it really possible to not know you were pregnant until you actually went in to labor? what about baby movements? I have watched that show and some stories are really hard to beleive...what do you think? I am curious.
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Girl, I watch those shows too, and I don't buy it!! I mean, I've been pregnant 3 times now, and there's NO way I could have NOT known! Even if your periods are irregular or some of the excuses they come up with, my periods were very irregular with my first 2 pregnancies, but I still KNEW! lol ;)
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I watch those too & it is hard to believe! :) Keyan, you, luvkayln & I are petite, so perhaps if you're overweight, you might not notice the weight gain or feel the baby move as much?!? I don't know, but I'll tell ya, the way that I've gained weight, there's no mistaking that I'm pregnant :)
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no way! I was overweight with DD and I still started showing at 4 months, as early as most petite women, and the baby's movement was so strong sometimes she would move ME from side to side when she kicked. by 9 months my belly was huge and definitely baby-bellyish. Of course I'm overweight but not obese so maybe that does make a difference...
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There was no way I wouldn't have figured it out! I puked with DD for 3 solid months 10-20 times a day. I gained 70 pounds and looked like I had eaten a small village (we all gain about 50-70 lbs in my family). I had irregular cycles too but the puking signaled to me that something wasn't right and sure enough DD was in there. The movement alone could not have been gas - it looked like an alien was in there!  I even saw actually feet and hands through my tummy close to the end! So, I personally think that it is a crock of poo that these people had noooooo idea they were preggers!
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ha ha ha!!! and what about one episode were the lady had given birth and didn't "notice" until the nurse cut off her pants?!! ha ha ha !! I mean could you actually pass a baby and think it was something else.....LOL!
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I saw that one, too! The last one I saw was a college student who thought she had bad cramps, went to the bathroom & there was a baby in the toilet! Crazy! :)
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