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I had A laproscopic Surgery/ Now Im scared

I have been trying to get pregnant now for 3 years,and recently had a laprocopic surgery this past week,I am back to work,and feeling much better however I am very depressed and sad,to say that they had to remove my left tube,so Now I am only left with my ovaries and right right tube,,,,they said because I am a smoker my risk for an ectopic is high,so I have quit smoking to help that as well,but now I am scared to get pregnant afraid it will be a tubal pregnancy and I will lose the only tube I have and any chance of ever bringing my own child into this world.. that I want soo bad.

Has anyone felt this way as well? or only have one tube like me>>? I go back on Wednesday to see my dr for a post-op and to see pictures,,,They talked to my husband after my surgery and found lots of scar tissue that had to be removed,thus the reason for BAD crippling periods month to month,since I can remember.. Ive been an emotional wreck since,I dont know if its from the pain meds Im coming off of , the quitting smoking or the fact they took my tube out has messed up my hormones or all the above..but Im scared,thinking too much about it,and just all around depressed since .. I knew they would probably have to take my left tube but I guess I was hoping they could repair it.I was ok with it,and I realize it wasnt even working so why Im upset makes no sense? but I am and it bothers me... I been told I still have 2 ovaries and my right tube and my chance are still good to conceive on my own.but Now Im scared if I do Im gonna have a tubal and lose the only tube I got??
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I am so sorry you are going thru this.  I do know someone who had one tube & one ovary & gave birth to twins Via IVF this past summer.  Honestly, It did take her 4 times...but it can happen.  Everyone is different.  I have heard of people getting pregnant naturally with one tube.  It's just that it may take a little longer.

Sending you lots of <<>>> Hang in there, somehow we will all do it!!!
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thanks.. I have my follow up from the surgery wendesday so I will know more..before this all I also tried clomid cycle,but knowing how bad the scar tissue was I know now why,it did not succeed for me..Im just sooo frustrated..thing is,right now will pretty much be the end of the road for us because at this time we cannot afford IVF or any of them kind of treatments,my insurance dont cover that.so Im just gonna leave it up to god and mother nature now,and Im just gonna have to come to terms with if its meant to be it will be,and somehow if there is a will there will be a way if Im meant to be a mother,I have been looking into adoption as well,but the financial part of that right now is out of my range ) :

The most frustrating thing is watching all my friends getting pregnant around me..And I am truly happy for them,but its hard for me to truly show it.
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I think that even if you did have an ectopic, they could probably diagnose it early on before your tube would get ruptured.  As long as you keep a watchful eye out for that, I think you should be OK and it's nothing to worry about.  
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