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I had the "hsg" done were ttc

I had a "hsg" done with the hopes of it increasing our fertility.(Our dr said it would) Is this true and has anyone concieved after it? We've been doing basal temp and ovulation monitor and bd'n on our expected date and I don't know yet if it worked? Pls help so anxious
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We had difficulty TTC as well and that is often one of the first tests they send you for.  I don't know if it necessarily increases your chances of concieving rather it allow the dr.'s to see if you have a blocked tube, fibroids, etc.  It is my understanding that it helps them rule out potential problems of infertility.  Wish you the best!
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HSG is very helpful for some people. There is generally a 40% chance of conveiving after having this done. The theory is that it clears out the tubes and makes it easier for the egg to travel. It's also a good first test in infertility to see if there are any tubal issues. Either way, it was a good thing to do.  Good luck
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Hey I just had a HSG done and my doctor told me i will have a higher chance of getting pregnant within the next 3 months. and did your doctors check your FSH level??? My doctors did my and my is good.. So we will see if we get pregnant now.. I have a soon to be 6 year old. So I can have kids i just am having a hard time now... SO WE WILL SEE
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      I got pregnant the month of my HSG after more than a year of trying!!! Good luck xxx
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Thanx for your input! We are so nervous and anxious! They didn't my fsh level-whats that? My ob seems to be confident,I'm very impatient and that's what this take is patience!  
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It is a test that tells if you have good eggs... And enough. And you also ask for a implantation faliure panel.... i am going to get that test done. it checks to see if a female is implanting late and that could be why a woman has miscarriages and also hard getting pregnant... GOOD LUCk
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I also conceived the month i had an HSG done. Good Luck
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