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I know...I know

alot of you might be getting sick of me posting, but I like to have opinions....this is such a lovely place.  Ok so if you haven't read any of my posts, I'll try to make this short and to the point.

So..I have pcos...am on met..had IUI done in Oct didn't work. Went for u/s in Nov. have an 18 mm cyst on my left ovary. So we couldn't do anything.  I've been using my clear blue fertility monitor...and temping. Well I am on CD 31.. on CD 12 and 13 my monitor had me at peak, which I know that doesn't mean that I O. Well my temps have been down this whole cycle (with 1 spike, but went back down) and I don't have sore bb's like I do after O. Well yesterday my temp went up and is still up...I haven't been doing all of the cervical positioning and cm because I didn't think I could O so late in a cycle. Well I noticed alot of creamy cm today in my undies so I thought that I would check my cevical position, it wasn't high, but wasn't low....and was firm, but not hard, and was slightly open??? Is it possible that I could have ovulated sooo late in this cycle??  Any input would be great!!
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just trying to bump myself back up there and get some opinions.....Please
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are you always this impatient lol  i cant really help you much i never took BBT my RE always said that with medications and waking up at different times it would not be very accurate so therefore i dont know much about it...did you take any meds this cycle? ovulating on cd31 i would think is a little late you should be getting your period soon..when i found out i was pregnant i think it was cd28 for me and i had the creamy white discharge almost like i was ovulating again so i knew somenthing was up..as far as the cervical position i never got that iether i wish i would be able to tell lol i just went for my second prenatal app. today and my OB said my cervix is closed so im good to go ill be 10 weeks tomorrow...are you seeying an RE or OB?
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When I am on a natural cycle (no meds) I usually ovulate around cd20.      I think it depends on the length of your cycle and if you have any lutual phase defects, which would let you o late and still get af on time.  If you have any lutual phase defects you might need progestorone to complete the implantation before af arrives.   hope that helps...
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I'm seeing an OB... I'm just on the met this cycle...because of the cyst. I get impatient....lol, but I'm always afraid I won't get any responses :( and believe it or not, but I'd much rather have all the opinions of ladies on here then actual drs. :- ) Everyone here is going through almost the same thing and viewing their opinions is so much more meaningful.. If that makes any sense. I am going to buy a test tomorrow, just to see, but I don't think my monitor was right. But it's worth a shot. I'm glad that everything seems to be going well for you! 10 weeks wow...so exciting to hear about someone else, it keeps the hope alive :) Well thanks for replying.. Happy Healthy 9 months ;)
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I've never been told if I have any defects. My lutual phase is usually between 14 -16 days..
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Hi ad_06! A luteal phase of 14-16 days is perfect! So it doesn't sound like you have a luteal phase defect. I've never taken any fertility meds, so I'm not that familiar with how they impact your BBT, but it does sound like you did infact ovulate late this cycle, since your temps have stayed low until the spike yesterday. Not sure if the met would affect your temps, though...

Do you think the cyst you described could have delayed ovulation? And did you continue using your fertility monitor? If your temps continue to stay up, I would assume that you ovulated on CD30! Better late than never, right?

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Well if FF is right this morning is says that I O on CD 29...WOW  never O that late. Doesn't you ovaries take turns different cycles??  If that is the case it was my right ovary last month,  it would make sense that the cyst delayed it.  The monitor only has you test for 10 days or until you get a peak and it gave me a peak at CD 12 and 13 so it didn't have me test anymore... Supid thing! I totally missed O this cycle.. I should have been listening to DH!!! He's been trying to BD for the past couple of days, but I am just getting over my cold so, I haven't felt like it! I've been extremely tired! Wouldn't you know I missed it!!! I could kick myself in the rump right now...lol! Thanks girls for all of the help!! Well I keep you guys updated on everything. Good Luck to all!
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