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I need any information i can get....PLEASE

Hi to everyone. I am new to this site and im mainly joining it because its easier to find things out from people then from a website. Well first of all IVF....what exactly is it? Is that when they take the sperm and the egg and put them together outside....get them ready, and then put it in me? You see me and my partner would like to eventually have a baby, and were also wandering if they could take her egg and a donor sperm, "cook" it and i could carry the baby???? Another question is the cost of all this and ways that i could pay for an IVF?????Ughhhhh its so frustrating when you dont know where to start.....Please just give me any information......Thank you!!!!
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Hi Rita. IVF is a big step. I went thru it. My insurance did not cover it so I ended up paying $23,000, including all procedures, medicines, and I chose to have accupuncture. I would suggest look at websites of fertility clinics in your area as a start to gather more info. It is a long process. I took a long time to finnaly decide to go thru it. I now have twins 5 months old. Good luck.
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Thank you for replying to me.....I heard that it could be really expensive, and i wouldnt do it any time soon....maybe 2-3 more years. Im just really bad at understanding what the web tells me....so i choose to ask people. What is an accupuncture? Any other tips on all of this will sure be apreciated....THANK YOU
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Dear sweetie, u r still young 19yrs if Im not mistaken why go thru IVF process since u r still in a growing state. U knw what I mean so dont get anxiously n jump into conclusions for such a big decision whch cost u a bomb. If u really want or ttc the best ways follow go n see a gynae whch can adv u the procedures. Good Luck!
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well nadya im gay...so i cant conseive a baby on my own.....obviously...so thats the closest that i could get to having a baby from me and my girlfriend.
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There are less expensive options. IUI is one. There have been several gay couples on this forum that conceived that way. You would be monitored to find out when you ovulate and they take donor sperm, "wash" it and weed out the imperfect ones, then insert them into your cervix with a tiny tube. Sometimes, the ladies do the insemination at home with an injector they are provided with to save $$$. IUI is far less, really far less $$$ than IVF and less invasive. Good luck!
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Well my main concern is not really the money....i mean i still have a lot of time to save up. I just want the baby to be both of ours you know....If i do IUI its not gonna be biologycally "ours". But thank you so much for responding to me.....It always makes me happy to see different options and opinions...Do keep in touch...And THANK YOU :)
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I don't think you understand the differences between IVF and IUI. IVF is usually designated for women that cannot conceive on their own. Sometimes they use the woman's eggs, sometimes donor eggs. If they use your eggs, they put them with the sperm and wait 3-5 days for the embryos to grow. Then they place the embryos back in the uterus.

IUI is different. It is always YOUR egg. Therefore, always biologically yours. Since you are 19 and never been told you have a fertility problem, this is the likely route to take. It is similar to getting pg with a man and a woman, less the physical contact. The sperm is placed through the cervix when the timing is right for conception and the entire process takes place inside you just as it would if you had conceived naturally. It is 100%biologically yours.

The gay couples that have posted about it here have really been happy with the process. If done at home, it allows your partner to insert the sperm and share the intimacy of the act together at home in a loving environment. As well as have an important role in the conception.
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So that means that they would not be able to take my partners egg, firtalize it and then put it in me ? Well because thats exactly what these two women i red about did. That way my partners egg is what im gonna be carying.....No? Isnt that also possible? That what we would do. Man there are so many options......Ughhhhhh....I think IVF is the best though....Even if its the longest and the most expensive...
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Opps.... Im sorry I didnt knw it n I thk I better keep my mouth shut since Im not very sure for special case like urs. Hahaha... Anyway, I wish u best of luck but plz dont take such a BIG risk it may cause ur health n even LIFE. tc
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