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Hello, thanks to everyone taking the time to read.

Well, I am 23, married and we don't have any kids. We have been together for 8 years now and my husband got his sperm tested he is fine, obviously I am the problem. I feel like a failure, I was diagnosed with PCOS Polysistic Ovarian Syndrome and also have very irregular periods. I could go 3,4,6 months without  a menstrual flow therefore I don't know when I am ovulating, went to the OBG and prescribed me Phentermine -progesterone (hormonal replacement) to bring my period back from wherever it was...(Vacation lol) the dose was 2 pills for 6 consecutive days. The thing is that on day #2 I was already menstruating and today is day # 8 and I have not stopped bleeding. I called my doctor and since its a Sunday, he just ordered Norethindrone Acetate Oral tablet to stop my period I guess, but I am terrified on the side effects of this medication, I've also read here that this medication is used as a BIRTH CONTROL, -__- we are trying to have a baby here DOC! Im confused, I don't even know what to ask or tell my doctor anymore. He said he wants to put me on Clomid, but with my periods all over the place I don't know how that is going to work....so any Ideas on where to even start, and how is this new medication going to help Stop or regulate me...????/

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Hey there
It might be that your doc is trying to locate those periods from wherever they are...lol. Sometimes they put people with irregular periods, etc on the pill in order to regulate them a little bit first, and then later give you drugs to stimulate ovulation once they know wher eyou're at with your cycles.
Just thoughts. Hope that is reassuring!
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You should feel like a failure over pcos my dear. Pregnancy is possible with pcos, it may take you a little longer but once your pcos is managed you will have better success. I had something similar happen this last time I was put on progesterone... I started bleeding on day 2 and then it finally stopped and I was instructed to wait up to two weeks for a withdrawal bleed from the progesterone which would then be considered my period.  I've also taken birth control tablets to bring on a period. Once you finish the pills within a few days you should get a period. Clomid is usually one of the first meds they try when ttc.  You would need to see the doctor at the start of your cycle and he will make sure you don't have any cysts of issues that would be harmful with clomid use. You may want to talk to your doctor about starting on Metformin.  It's hard on your tummy at first so hopefully he will start you off on a small dose and work up as needed. Also make sure to watch the sugar intake since pcos is insulin resistance.  Sounds like your on your way to having your cycles sorted out and a little fertility help. Hope this works out well for you.
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ps -- Trust your doctor.  Maybe ask him to explain things a little more clearly, but second-guessing him on the Internet is not as good as getting the direct advice of someone with a medical degree who knows your history and is treating you.
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If I were you I would go see a reproductive endocrinologist.  I tried to see a dr when trying to concieve with our first and he didn't really know what he was doing.  He put me on clomid which did nothing for me.  I then went to an RE they diagnosed me with PCOS .. Did some tests on me and my husband and told us that we had to do IVF/FET to get pregnant bc we both had fertility issues.  We have had 2 successful pregnancies with FET and are looking to get pregnant again with our 3rd.
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Thank you guys! I am going to follow what he's doing he explained to me why we need to target these things first before trying to conceive.

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