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I need yalls opinion

I am on my 2ww after my 2nd IUI. I ad 3 follies. But my question is, wat do you tink of te symptoms i am having.....very weird vivid dreams, my dog will not leave my lap if i am sitting on te couc (and ses not a lap dog, ses a 60lb lab), a change and increase in CM, my face is breaking out as of yesterday like crazy, i ave been peeing more often ten usual (i am a nurse and usually i have to old it in, but lately i cant old it in for anyting) and i am still having twinges in my lower abd/uterus/ovaries, plus i have been having alot of gas (sry guys)
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wow just realized my "h" isnt working very good...sry guys
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I noticed the having to pee a lot more (especially in the middle of the night) before I got my BFP but I didn't put it together until after I had the BFP (or maybe I just didn't want to get too excited).  When are you testing?  I don't want to say yes or no on your symptoms (because everyone is different) but just try not to read into it too much.  I know this TWW is a killer, I did it every month for almost 3 1/2 years!  I'm praying for you!
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12dpo is wednesday, thats when my dr told me to test! i think i will cont to test daily tho. i started testing 4 days ago to see when the shot got out of my system. the first negative came yesterday, so now i am just waiting on that positive!
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Too early to test...  I know its hard but you have to be patient.   I just went thru my TWW and got me BFP on 9-20.  I'm nown in my 6th week
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congrats hopeful!
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