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Hello Ladies :D!

I am preparing to have my first round of IUI done sometime in March....

I am just wondering if anyone has had success on their first IUI cycle?

I haven't technically been diagnosed with a particular problem except for my RE thinks its an ovulation problem. I have irregular periods etc.

If anyone could please share their story with IUI, it would be greatly appreciated =)


Jess xoxo
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well i had several failed IUI with my first child then i did laproscopy after that i got pregnant on the first IUI after laproscpy :))

good luck
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Oh my gosh I am so sorry that you had to go through so many. But I am very happy that you finally got your BFP :D!! and Hummm... what is laproscpy?? I am going to google it but just thought I would ask for laymen terms lol
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We are going through our 1st cycle now! I will keep you posted... I have PCOS.... Baby dust to u!
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I'm 34 and my period was 3-5 days and 30-45 days long.  My husband and I never used protection. After the birth of our now 11 year old son, we didn't try for years but started 5 years ago.  I've suffered 3 miscarriages in the last 4 years. finally i decided to go to a fertility specialist.  I was told my husband was fine and all of my "area's" where working just not as they should. I was diagnosed with unexplained infertility.  We tried 4 rounds of clomid and IUI, but it was unsuccessful.  Then my doctor switched me to gonal-f pen (injections) and IUI for 1 cycle....Well now I'm 22 weeks and going strong getting ready to welcome our first daughter in May.

I'll keep you in my prayers,  Good Luck!
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Oh my!! I am excited for you!! I am rooting for a BFP for you! Cant wait to hear your update :D!!
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Hey! We have had 3 iui's and all 3 worked first try! Good luck and positive thinking :)
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Thank you so much for sharing! That is very encouraging!!
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