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IUI and Low Morphology Success??

So my husband got his SA results back and everything was way above average...except for the morphology (1%). His count was 458 million... yes, that’s not a typo. And his motility was 77%. The Dr didn’t seem TOO concerned with the low morphology since the count was so high... but I’m still worried. He’s recommending IUI. Has anyone had success getting pregnant with low morphology?
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1% is low but keep in mind that just 4% is normal so not as far off as you'd think.  Sperm morphology does not in itself prevent one from getting pregnant but just plays a role.  It can take longer.  Did they tell him to increase his vitamin C?  That has been shown to increase sperm morphology.  Is he overweight?  Obesity is linked to it as well and losing weight can help if that is the case.  Another natural remedy just to add in (what can it hurt) is B12 food such as seafood, dairy, cereal fortified with it.  Bananas are on the list of things to eat.  This article goes through all the ins and outs of sperm morphology.  https://www.healthline.com/health/sperm-morphology  Remember this statistic which is that 95% of couples who want to conceive eventually do.  And that it takes the average couple at least a year to do so.  So, hang in there.  
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