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IUI first sign of success?

Just trying to see what is the earliest sign of a good IUI. Just had the second iui done on 9/20 and this two week wait is killing me/us..just trying to stimulate my mind for the next 10 days!
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My friend had a successful IUI and said she felt cramping after- but I'm sure everyone is different
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I have my 1st IUI tomorrow and my RE says you can do bloodwork on day 5 after the iUI  - which will tell you a Y or N  - so you won't have a 2 week wait! - Phone them and ask!

Good luck.
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Thanks for the info...he states thats way too early because I would still have the hcg injection in my system...it takes at least 10 days to come out so you wont have a false positive but thanks.
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i had cramp n for two days after the first one with no success...so i read into it they say sometimes if the sperm has some of the acidity left in it it can make u cramp...wewill see but thanks for the reply.
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I had iui on 9/11 and had really bad cramps and gas on 9/18 (7dpiui) and less severe cramps on 10 dpiui. I think implantation was happening. I just took hpt on 9/27 and got a postivie. Went to RE office for blood test and got postive. Will have u/s on 10/20! This will be the longest 3 weeks of my life!

Good luck...follow dr's orders and it will happen! Is this stimulating enough?

Baby blessings to you!
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I asked in my last post did you do IUI before reading this one so disregard...I had no cramping and according to askdramy.com this should have been date for inplantation and I don't feel a thing but these butterflies and they tickle so much...again my progestrone today was 20.8 so the RE said we just have to wait...no tiredness, no tender bbs, but I do have the creamy discharge I see people talk about that can be from the rise in progestrone?
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I wouldn't worry. Many women on here get BFP with no symptoms at all. If you do feel implantation, it would be more like cramping, not butterflies. Just try to be patient. I know it's harder to say than do. God Bless.
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Thanks for the reply...thats all I can do but that doesnt make it any easier...6 days to go :)
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I had my first IUI on 9/24 and I'm very impatient too. I had 5 viable follicles, and the dr said it's possible that all 5 release and all 5 fertilize, and said there's a 25% chance with each of them working, so I'm hoping that being over 100% means good things and hope at least one works, but I'm realistic.
I took a hpt this morning just to see if the hCG trigger was still in my system, and it was neg, so I'm hoping I can test the end of the week and pray I see a line!
Good luck to my fellow new IUI'ers.
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I will keep you in my prayers...I had my second IUI on 9.20 and I also will be testing at the end of the week....according to askdramy.com my implantation date would have been yesterday but today a have a few light cramps (hoping its not me preparing for AF!) :( So keep me posted...I will be testing on 10.6 AF is not offically due til 10.8 GOOD LUCK AND BABY DUST TO YOU!
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I'll keep you in my prayers too! Are you testing at your dr on 10/6? I didn't get any info about that part from my dr, he just said that if it doesn't work, I need to come in and have an ultrasound to check for cysts, as all 5 of my follicles were over 22mm, and one was like 25mm, so he wants to make sure they don't cause problems.
AF is due this Thursday... My luteal phase has been only 10 days or so, so I'm a little nervous about that but at least it's less waiting! I go tomorrow for a progesterone test, but that won't tell me anything I want to know!! 10/6 is right around the corner though, let me know what you find out!!
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My doc ordered a bloodwork for 8 days after my iui.  This is to test my progesterone AND hcg level.  

Now I know implantation doesn;t usually happen until about 8 days post iui/ovulation.  But there's still a chance the hcg level could show a very SMALL amount that early.  

Anybody have any luck detecting pregnancy in bloodwork that early?

I am not expecting it to show up, myself, that early.  But just thought I 'd mention it to you girls?
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just to say that I totally got it wrong in my earlier response above, the RE had told me that the HCG was in your system for st least 5 days!! (after the trigger shot)so sorry for any confusion to any readers reading my earlier post and getting confused.
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I had an iui done on 9/11 as well I started my progestrone supporties lastnightI am so stressed this 2ww is killing me. The day of my iui I had really bad cramps and my  breast begin to ache soon after. So I dont know if I ovulated the same day as my iui or not but the wait is killing me.
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I did my iui march 22.2013 i had 3 follicles, nd one poped so they did my iui .. and now im just waiting till april.9.2013 but i do get cramping and pain on my lefted and right side i wish i know what it meant but all i do is pray .. im only 20 so my doctor said everything should be fine
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Hi I had my first iui treatment 7 days ago. I done a hpt two days ago and it was positive.  I then tried two different hpt brand's one came out positive and the other negative. I now tried another hpt and turned negative.  What could it be found from.  Im very upset to have seen positive then negative
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If you had a trigger shot there is a good possibility it is a false positive bc it is still in your system
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When is the best time to check
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We had our 3rd IUI last week. The first time, I had 1 egg, the second time was 2 eggs and this third time was 3 viable eggs. We did the trigger shot as well. I got bloodwork for progesterone and havent heard back from the doctor (they only call if your prog levels are low), I'm dying to take a HPT but I can't take another failed IUI.
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I completely understand that. I am in my second cycle and go into the office tomorrow for bloodwork. I was on clomid and gonal f. I am praying for the results I long for. Did you have any success?
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Hi, I had my first iui on June 7th I have to get my bloodwork done on the 23rd. I can't wait to find out if it worked,  during the past week tho I have such sore breasts, I'm bloated, extremely moody, headache and tired.   Is this common?   Thanks
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My wife had IUI for 4times and no luck. she is professor in engg. college and travels around 15KM and some of there colleagues told her,since she is travelling, IUI is not getting success.

We are not sure what needs to be done.

please suggest.
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