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IUI fundraiser

Would it be weird to have a fundraiser to help pay for IUI?  Nothing is cover so it all out of pocket.  Been trying for 3 years with one miscarriage.  Pcos, no ovulation without drugs
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People use fundraisers for a lot of stuff. I don't think it's weird but just be aware you might get a lot of people telling you that if you can't afford IUI you can't afford a child.

good luck!
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Thanks for the comment!  That's what I'm worried about.  

We wouldn't have a problem supporting a life with a child. It's the lump sum out of pocket right away that we don't have!

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Do a fundmenow acct!!!  Fertility is freaking expensive!!!  Insurance usually does not covert this stuff...you just want to be able to afford a child!!  Go for it!!!!  Friends/family will help!!!  :).   You could raffle off stuff too as an idea :)
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Thank you! I will look into that site
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Iui is only like 350 dollars or 375
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Even though IUI is "only" a few hundred per try, trying for 3 yrs adds up!  Plus if you need meds or donor sperm those cost more.  I did 7 IUIs and spent $4500 on sperm alone.

I agree with post above that friends and family would want to help.  As long as you are comfortable sharing that you are trying, keep in mind that could put pressure or lead to lots of follow up questions.

Have you talked to your doc about IVF?  After my many IUIs it was recommended to me.
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Well idk exactly what she needs but I know my insurance doesnt pay either and my pills are less then 10$ and iui is 375 which I havent tried yet
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It cost $1510 but doesn't include my first doc apt, forts blood work and testing.  All in all it will be around $2500
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Okay well thats because you havent started the process why dont you try using femara or clomid before juming straight to iui
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I too have pcos and am seeing a fertility speacalist and femara and clom8d are very cheap and most ofthe time work to make ovulation occur
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With clomid my progestrone levels were 1 on day 21 now with femara day 21 lastonth level was 21 thisonth day 23 was 38 just waiting to see if af comes my fertility specalist said they normally have you try 3 to 5 cycles without iui then start iui
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I understand that frustration.  Been trying for almost 3 years too.  I got a failed IUI last mth.  We payed 371 for it.  My doc told me to try a few more IUI.  I refused and told him to refer me to a specialist as i am ready for a 2nd opinion.  I am on 10 th cycle of clomid.  I am now under the category of unexplained infertily.  My blood work all came back good.  Even went for hsg and no blocked tube.  Hubby SA came back normal.  
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Ok you should probably ready my profile before thinking that I'm jumping straight to IUI!  I have probably done all together 7 rounds of clomid or more. With breaks in between for cancer scares and surgeries!  Clomid worked one time, and I got preg that time only to miscarry.  When I go to the gyno tomorrow I will be asking about femera. His wife is a RE so I will also ask about her!  

IUI cost for some people is around $500 but that's because their insurance covers the meds and visits......mine does not. So I have to come out of pocket.

Trust me we have thought about everything!  It costs me about $110 to see my gyno and get clomid each cycle. Not including the provera I take every month to get my period.  I have been putting money in  a jar for years to pay for my visits!

I wrote the story of our journey the other day....maybe I will use that on my profile
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Sorry im not saying you dont need it your dr is screwing you over my insurance pays nothing either but they send is cripts to wal mart and I also took provera and clomid and now femara but clom8d never worked I hope it works for you but idk if you have a fertility clinic I would call if so
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Thanks for the comments. I did start one and have already had some donations :)
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Used feamara 2 months after trying to conieve over a year and got my bfp yesterday
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That's great!  So happy for you! Congrats
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Hey everyone!  Fundraiser is doing great and has raised $330 in 2 weeks!

A friend has a bowling fundraiser set up for me and we have had lots of donations for our silent auction!  I'm surprised at the response I've had to this!
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I am just now seeing this!!  This is fantastic news!!!! Yay!!!!
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Just wondering where do u live
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Hi, I'm in Michigan!  

The fundraiser has gone really well so far.  Bowling fundraiser next weekend. I was interview for a online magazine for this week. Infertility awareness week with a couple other wonderful ladies!

( I don't know if posting that is a no no or not)

Pretty cool.
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