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IUI question

Hi Everyone,
I have a question. I just got my beta from the IUI I had 2wks ago and it was negative...It took 2 months to get to the IUI, I was on BC pills for 3wks then lupron for 2wks then stims for 1 1/2wks..so about 2months or so...We are debating on the next plan...we are either gonna try on our own with progesterone support right after O' (Ive gotten preggo naturally 3 times) or go into the IUI as soon as I get AF in a few days...I asked about skipping the BC pills and Lupron and just start stims and go into IUI in like 2wks or so..Has anyone done this type of IUI...the kind without Lupron and BC pills? Have you just started stims on your AF and had an IUI and was it successful?
Thanks for your input!
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I am doing this type of protocol with BC & lupron for IVF.  When I did IUI I went right into it on day 3.  I asked my Dr what the difference was & he said when you do protocl with BC & lupron that is the better protocol to do.  If you do IVF with starting on day 3 it's usually the poor responders/High FSH.
As I research what I am told.........it seem that I am reading exactly that.  I would think you can do whatever protocol you want but I would ask why he is doing it this way.  
We have to remember that the Dr's are the professionals & even though it's a long drawn out process there is a reason.  We probably need to be supressed to a certain extent prior to start the stims.
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Hi Lily!  First off I'm sorry your IUI didn't work especially with all the follicles :(  With all the cycles I have been through I never went on birth control or lupron before IUI.  My RE would have me come in for baseline U/S on cd1 (if i was doing the injections) and I would start the meds on CD3.  If I was doing clomid I would start them on CD3 and go in for follicle check on CD13 or 14.  I also, would be curious as to why he is doing it this way.  Maybe he has his reasons but it seems like it is drawing out the whole process.  
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I never went on BC or lupron either. I thought that was only for IVF? Seems like overkill. I started stims on day 3 and monitored with B/W and u/s. Then triggered and had IUI 36 hrs later :) good luck sweetie! Miss talking to you!
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I'm similar to Jennifer.  I just had my first IUI last Sunday and Monday.  I took Femara starting day 3, then injectinles starting Day 6, then Ividrel trigger shot followed by IUI x 2 then Prometrium.

This was the first time we tried anything and have unexplained fertility and I'm 39.
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Thanks Ladies for your feedback...according to the nurse and this is what she said to me and I quote " there is a theory that doing the bc pills and lupron before an IUI is helpful for women who have had previous miscarriages"  So a theory? I think I would be more for doing it that way and going thru the long process if it was proven but its based on a theory....and she also said that the doc thinks maybe my left tube is blocked from my ectopic I had back in June and then I said to the nurse how can that be when I got preggo on my own in Sept and then again in Nov if my tube was blocked..she paused cause she didnt know what to say and then said well he doesnt know he is just thinking that....which totally contradicts his findings when he removed my ectopic, according to my chart he stated that my tube looked wonderful and no damaged seen and the fact that Ive gotten preggo after that i dont think that its blocked..but he doesnt want to get it checked yet...so my DH and I are discussing what we want to do next and the nurse is gonna call me on Monday to let me know what the doc thinks about what I want to do, on our own or skipping BC and lupron...Im just still trying to understand why this didnt work this time...I wonder if my eggs were to mature...the day before my trigger my eggs were a size 13 and the very next day they were 17 they grew so fast, then I had trigger and didnt have insem until 36hrs later...do you think they couldve grown to much in that time?? cause I just dont get why I can get preggo no prob on my own with one egg and nothing with help and 5 eggs? ugh its so frustrating!
Big Hugs to you all!
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Hi Lily!!

So sorry it didn't work.  That is a real bummer after all the lead-up, and of course you're wondering why!

I guess your RE has tested your immune system.  I had an ANA test done, and my body is producing an elevated number of antibodies which can be a problem with implanting.  I really don't know much about what can be done with that at this stage, but it's just one of many things that can occur.

I know there is a huge significance as to the size of the follicles and the timing of the trigger.  Left too long, the eggs can be over mature, but when follicles aren't large enough,  the eggs may be not mature enough.  The problem is many doctors seems to have differing ideas as to when is the optimum time for trigger!!!  It's infuriating!

About IUI.  I conceived my son first pop doing a natural IUI.  I had absolutely no drugs, no stimulants at all, just blood tracking to see when I was ovulating and when my LH surge was, and it worked.  

Hugs to you Lily!!!  Remember, nobody said it would be easy, but they definitely said it would be worth it!!!  Keep strong XOX
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Well I heard back from the nurse today and she told me that the RE said if we want to try on our own we can do the progesterone support right after I get a positive OPK...and if we want to do IUI we have to stay on the BC and Lupron protocol..so if we do the IUI and everytime we do IUI its a 2 month process!
Because the "theory" is that lupron protocol for IUI helps women who have had miscarriages..but its not even proven! IDK..im just angry and tired of everything!!!
IDK what to do..do we try on our own since we have had past success in getting preggo and pray the progestrone helps? and if we change to IUI next month it will be 3 months before the actual IUI....idk..DH says screw it lets just try on our own, because when you get to try on your own that is everymonth not this waiting game crap! I think he is getting annoyed as well...and i think he is frustrated cause he cant help me when Im feeling down...
I had a meltdown today and I feel like I could break something!!
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Just a thought.... I don't know where you live, but have you thought about talking with different RE?  I am figuring out that they alllll do things different.  I think if you call and just talk with someone at another RE's office, and give them your "story" they can usually give you answers on if their office does things different.  You might decide to stay with your RE, or, you may decide that you want to give another one a try.

I wish you success with whatever you decide, but if you are like me.... you just want a BFP ASAP!  : )

Baby Dust to You!!
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Yes I want the BFP ASAP!! LOL..I just wish one of my BFP's this past year wouldve stuck...Im just frustrated and tired of waiting..Ive been on this TTC journey for over 4yrs now and everytime I get preggo I get closer and closer to my dream, I just wonder if it is ever gonna happen for us.. ugh!
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I agree with MHV.   Maybe a second opinion would be a good idea.  A different RE may give you a new spin on things.  I know it's hard if you like your RE, and don't wish to offend, but I'm sure he/she would totally understand, as you're the important person here, and your dreams are priority.  Different clinics do have different ideas, so it's something I would maybe think of pursuing!  

All the best Lily!!!  I know it's emotionally draining, but keep on until you get your baby!!!   I'm sure it's not impossible, it's just a matter of time:0)

Hugs XOX
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Thanks Ladies,
I have decided to try naturally with progesterone support right after ovulation, Ive been thinking alot about this and everytime I have been on meds with this RE or the other RE I was seeing I have never been preggo, and everytime I have tried on my own it worked..I also never started progestrone early, always after I got my bfp did I start it..by then it mightve been to late..
So Im hoping and praying that naturally is whats meant to be..Thanks again!
Love, Lily
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Well all the best Lily!!!  I hope things finally turn around for you XOX

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I know what you mean, my hubby and I have been on the ttc train on and off for 7 1/2 years.  I wish my only BFP would have stuck too.  But unfortunatly, it just wasn't our time.  I wish you every luck in the world, and pray that you get your BFP naturally!!!  We're your biggest fans!!! : )
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I never did Lupron or b/c with my 3 IUI cycles and do not know anyone who did.  I hope you can move on to your next cycle right away.
Hope it works!!!!
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I used BCP and lupron, plus puregon (FSH) to conceive my daughter through IUI.  My cycle needed to be created and controlled, as I was having premature LH surges.   It can be so much down to trial and error:0)
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