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I would LOVE to hear any feedback about IUI. I am on my 4th day of 100mg of clomid and next step is trigger shot with IUI. I was wondering how many of you have had a success with IUI the first time? I'm very impatiently waiting for the IUI treatments. I can't stand the wait. Has anyone else gone through this?
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I know hurry up and wait is the theme to this whole ttc thing isn't it!?  we got preg on our third IUI (but we have lots of issues, one ovary, severe endo, pcos and male factor!) we techincally didn't even "qualify" for IUI due to our male factor, we were told it would have to be IVF with ICSI.. but we got preg on our third anyways!  though unfortunately miscarried later on : (     so we are back to it and should be having an IUI on friday!  GOOD LUCK, let me know if you have any questions at all! Its completely painless procedure, and my dr says you can do anything but take a bath or get in a hot tub afterwards!  keep me updated!: )
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I wish I was as lucky as bny807, with the painless part! I have a high cervix, but my first iui was excruciating! I have had 6 with no luck, they were all natural though no medications. I hope the best for you, but if I were you I would still take an ibuprofen b4 you go, Alot of women on here have found it painful. Best of luck to you.
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My son is six months old and conceived by IUI.  I had a total of 3.  The first ended in ectopic.. which was a bummer but at the same time it was a pregnancy, so that was good news. It meant that I probably would get pg again... the second one didn't work but the chances were low for other reasons.. the3rd IUI worked, and as I stated before my son is 6 months old.  The 13th of this month I had IUI for the 4th time to try to give jacob a sibling... if it doesn't work the first time, we will keep trying..

best of luck to you.. I really hope the first try works but don't get too discouraged if it doesn't... sometime it takes a couple of tries...
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Thank you all very much for your comments. It's nice to be able to talk to someone about all this stuff. Especially women who understand and no what it is like. I have slight PCOS (dx at 19) and irregular periods. So doctor thinks I have a great chance, which makes me really excited but at the same time nerve racking. My hubby and I have been TTC for alomst 2 years now with no success. I'm really hoping and praying for some good news. I go for a u/s on Sunday and hopefully the trigger too. I'll keep you guys posted.

***************Bucket loads of STICKY BABY DUST TO EVERYONE TTC****************
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I conceived on my second IUI. We are 6 weeks today! Good luck!!!!
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CONGRATS to you and HUBBY!!! Having an IUI done, is it painful??
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Somewhat good news for you...I've done IUI twice, both with Follistim injections prior to and Lupron injection trigger.  I got pregnant both times, first time I lose the fetus in my uterus to miscarriage at 6.5 weeks and discovered I also had a pregnany in my tubes.  The second time was considered a biochemical pregnancy, so lost that one very early on.  I'm going to have my third IUI next week and we're very optimistic because we discovered I have a blood clotting disorder (in addition to my PCOS) that probably contributed to the other miscarriages.  GOOD LUCK!!
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The first one was painful, but the second one wasn't. It isn't a pleasant experience, but nothing you need pain meds for. Just stay positive nad remeber what you're doing it for.
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I had 3 IUI's 2 with clomid and the 3rd with another similar drug.  Clomid actually thinned my lining, which can be a side affect.  It never worked for me, but we have discovered that we have bigger issues.  You should be careful not to uses clomid more than a few times, I was told that it is not safe after several uses.  Hope it works out!
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Sorry, I meant to respond to Ltwtys22!
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I'm sorry to hear about your loss. I'm sure it's really hard to go through. I hope and pray that doesn't happen to you again or me! I think I'm over thinking this whole process. I just want it to be here already. It's barely Wednesday and I'm going to finish my last clomid (100mg). I'm so very impatient!! I go to the dr on Sunday to check if I have any eggs ready and hopefully get the trigger shot. Some people say IUI hurts and others say it's ok. The nurse made it seem like there was nothing to it. She said it would be 15 minutes in and out! Which is kind of weird I thought but hey, they are the professionals!!

I just hope I can stand the uncomfortable feeling. Hubby won't be there because he has to work. I do too but he goes in at 630 and I don't go in till 9am.

Do you guys have any idea when I should O? I have irregular periods and I was just wondering if you had a general idea?
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Good luck tomorrow!!  Like I said, I've had IUI twice and it didn't hurt either time.  It's a short, painless process.  I'm scheduled to go in for my third IUI this coming Wednesday or Thursday!  I'm so excited!
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Good luck to you! I'm going for my third IUI probably on Fri or Sat.  It doesn't hurt at all. It feels just like a pap smear.  Just relax when you get there and think to yourself "I'd do anything for my baby."  And you would.  I hope you get pg the first time.  There was a women on this forum who did and now she is pg with twins. =) I hope thats you!
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I've had 6 cycles of unsuccessful iui's. I've done clomid for 5 of those cycles. I will be starting my 7th round with follistim and clomid this week. I'm extremely optimistic that it'll work this time. All 6 times I wasn't monitored so hopefully the 7th time is the charm!
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Hi All! I just wanted to give you an update on my appointment on Sunday. Well the u/s showed my right side was relaxing and my left was working. But my largest follicle was 8mm. So they ruled out clomid for me. I am now starting Repronex which is an injection. OMG!! Let me just tell you how painful it is to inject myself! I started this last night and I have a huge bump/red spot on my stomach where the injection was. Oh gosh, it hurts when I sit down because my stomach creases. Has anyone been through this??

Please help!!
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We have done two cycles of injections (the first one worked! : ) but unfortuantely mc'd) i give them in my stomach (follistim) and i def get a little sore afterwards (not as sore as the IM novarel though in my bum!) i have found sticking the needle in faster thru the skin is less painful.. its funny the first cycle i did i couldn't even feel the needle, but this one it seemed to be more sensitive, i have lost some fat tissue on my stomach since i got back to working out, not sure if that had anything to do with it or not?  GOOD LUCK! lots of people get preg with injectables! : )
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But did you have a red bump around the injection site?? My stomach is very sore. Also, did you injection the medication in the same spot or did you use a different area? I'm afraid to inject on the same spot because right now it hurts so bad! What kind of side effects did you have?

Thank you so much for your help!
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One time when i gave it i did have a red spot for about 36 hours or so, i always use my belly, but defintely move around where i give it, there is typically some sort of mark from the day before, so i dont' go into the same spot... the only side effects i had was a headache, but not bad, starting around cd12 or so.. otherwise none! : )    GOOD LUCK : )
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My injections didn't hurt all that bad. DH gave them to me. He moved the injection site around as to not put too much on one area. The hours following a shot the area was tender, but it went away after 4-5 hours.
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My injection spot is really sore and red!!! It has a HUGE red spot. The injection spot is on my right side. Do you think it's ok to move it to my left side? I just can't believe how much I'm sore. I usually don't react this way to any medication, shots and all. Did you have any success with this medication? I finished clomid on Wednesday and it didn't work for me. I would like to know if any of you have had a successful experience. I'm sorry for all the questions, this was just so sudden for me.

I could really use a lot of help and support with this. Also, there aren't any recent message forums about this on here. So that's why I'm having all the question too.

Thank you again for your help and support.
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They say that if you have the reaction you're describing that you should call the RE just to be certain.

I'm not sure what you're injecting, but I was on Follistim, and Ovidrel.
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Well I read that it is normal. Maybe I'll just call to be safe. Better safe than sorry. But I'm injecting repronex. Have you used it before?
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