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Hi there. I have a question bout the cost of IUI. I live n Atlanta, Ga & go to the fertility clinic Reproductive Biology Assoc. & have been given the paperwork on the IUI cost. The IUI w/ sperm washing  itself is $555 but that doesn't include the fertility drugs, the upteen ultra sounds, monitoring, bloodwork tests n pregnancy tests. When it's all said n done my cost range is $1500-2300. To the ladies that have undergone IUI or have also been given pricing, does this sound right or is this outrageous?
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Are you sure your insurance won't cover any of the costs?  My insurance won't pay for the IUI or the wash, but it does over all the dr visitis, ultrasounds, medications and blood tests.  My cost for the IUI and wash is $300.  I live in OKC.  
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No unfortunately my INS won't cover a thing. It only covers infertility diagnosis. I suppose if i was doing all the ultrasounds, blood tests n preg tests at my gyno instead of the fertility clinic they would cover it...but still not positive bout that....plus i don't know if the fertility clinic would even allow that. wow ur so lucky that the IUI is only 300 where u live.
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Okay.. after I wrote that I started thinking about your costs.  That does seem high to me... Really all you should need is one or two max ultrasounds.  Unless your cycles are really irregular and then maybe more.. or if you are using injectables.  

Figure 2 ultrasounds at about $150 each so $300
Clomid is cheap so a conservative est $50
HCG trigger $35 (I know this one)
IUI and wash $555
Round up and that is $950

So, yes I think their quote is way high...

But injectable meds are really expensive so if you needed them the cost would me much higher...
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I'm in Little Rock, and our IUI and sperm wash were $300.  Clomid (generic from Kroger) $9.  Ovidrel (HCG trigger shot and the only thing not covered by insurance) $70.  U/S on CD 12 $331.  It was all $710, luckily we only had to pay 10% - - and it worked the first time, and that was after several unsuccessful months on Clomid and BD'ing on our own.  Good Luck!
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k here's more of a breakdown from my sheet:
Clomid - $150-$500
Fertinex, Follistim, Humegon & Gonal F - $1200-2500
Complete U/S, estradiol, minimal office visit(1-2) - $391-510
Progesterone, beta(HCG), LH serum - $240
Follow-up U/S, estradiol & endocrine monitoring(1-2 for clomid)(4-6 for gonadatrophin cycle) - $271
Progesterone, beta(HCG), LH serum - $240
Possible Hyperstimulation fee for bloodwork - $102
U/S - $150
Hetastarch IV Fluids per 500cc - $375
IUI w/ semen washing - $555
Beta (HCG) pregnancy test - $75
Progesterone test - $90
GRAND TOTAL for IUI w/ clomid - $1570-2686
GRAND TOTAL for IUI w/ Gonadotrophin - $3253-5530

Now granted i'm might not necessarily need every single one of the tests but still i'd b smarter 2 jus go w/ IVF which is $12,000 cuz at least that way i know they're gonna b implanting fertilized embyros plus they'll freeze whatever eggs i have left over.
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Your IUIs seem very expensive. I only payed $260 for my IUI, which included the sperm wash. Also, just FYI, you can get clomid at WalMart for only about $10.

In general, if your just using clomid and doing IUIs, you need a minimum of two ultrasounds (I've never needed a third), so accoridng to your sheet, that should be $300. Then you need the IUI and sperm wash, which at your RE is $555. That's it! You don't necessarily need all these other tests. I never go in for a beta. My RE tells me to test at home at 14 dpo, and if negative, wait for my period and then call and set up a new cycle day 3 ultrasound.

Although, if you've never had the hormone tests done, that would be a good idea on your first cycle, just to make sure everything is looking like it should.

Now, if you're adding injectables, it's going to get a lot more expensive, and you'll probably also need more monitoring, so that could increase the costs quite a bit.

Good luck!
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Ray Ann - i live in ATl too and go to ACRM.
i resorted to them after several failed IUIs at my GYN.
if the timing were right (and unfortunately for me it was not) i would have had my cd3 blood work and us done at my GYN and it would have been covered.  unfortunately it was over the holiday weekend - so i got zinged from ACRM. US/BW was $630!!! then Femara was $110 (since ACRM isnt a covered dr on my insurance).  Clomid from my gyn was only $10. I have my next US on Monday and then the IUI.  so your pricing seems right on - IF you dont have ins. coverage.  you should see if you can atleast get your blood done at your gyn - saves a bunch! I wante dthe US done at the RE - just b/c that is why i am going to them and the fact that the DR not an US tech does the actual USs.  Hope that helps.  feel free to email me :)
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I am not sure I live in Michigan and I have a fortunate insurance through my work that covers up to $24,000 in fertility/infertility what I have to pay for is maybe the co-pays which isnt much and the Donar Sperm but my work helps me with those with a Spending Card which helps. I am really lucky but I know a friend of mine is not and pays everything out of pocket I couldnt do it without coverage. My Donar Sperm is $680 per vial which includes shipping so its very expensive but depends on circumstances
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...by the way, just wanted to add that the prices I listed above are also without insurance. My insurance company does not cover anything fertility related. If your current clinic is not willing to work with you on the cost, maybe you could look for another RE in your area. Just a suggestion :-)
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thank you all!!! now i jus have 2 decide whether the IUI is worth it or if i jus wanna go straight 2 IVF....hmmm.....
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i live in michigan and my ins doesn't cover any thing either and my dr said mine would be $2100. which i also think is alot. me and my hubby are thinking of other ways.
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Ray Ann, my IUI also only cost 300.00. My insurance luckily even covered that, Can you not fo f/u with your OBGYN, not RE? You don't have to go through the fertility clinic. alot of women don't even get beta HCG. I didn't with my first 2 children, I took a pee test at the office and they schedued a 8 wk u/s to make sure everything was progressing!
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Hi there....mine cost around $2300. Injectables were $865 and IUI was $500. The rest was for u/s and b/w. My insurance covers 0. A bit pricy if you ask me. Especially since it didn't work. But I must admit it would have been the best money I ever spent if it did work and I will be doing it again.
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Hi. Where did yo uhave the iui done for $260 in Atlanta? Thank you for the info.
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Hi. Where did yo uhave the iui done for $260 in Atlanta? Thank you for the info.
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