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IVF 3 day transfer cramps/success

Hello everyone, I am new to this site and I wanted to join because I was reading all the encouraging posts everyone gives eachother. I wanted to be a part of such great support!! I have just finished my first IVF cycle. We had 13 follicles, 11 mature, 5 fertilized with ICSI and two embryos transferred on Sunday, 1-10cell,  1-8cell. Prior to that we had 8 months on Clomid (two miscarriages) and 4 failed IUI's.  I was wondering how many of you had success with embryo transfer on day three IVF cycles? How many failures? I feel like I have cramps in my uterus, but I don't know if it's implantation or if it's my cycle on its way...

Thanks to anyone who replies!! I need the advice!!

Baby dust to everyone...

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This truly is a great place for support and answers..

You should join us in the Oct IVF cycle talk..;-)
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ops called this..

good luck to you!!
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I had a beautiful baby girl with 3 day 6cell embryo- she's almost 18 months. Good Luck and stay positive
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That's fantastic!! Congrats and thanks for sharing!!
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So today is day 10 post transfer and I started bleeding yesterday. Not super heavy but Im certain that this cycle was not successful. I still have to go for the beta tomorrow, but I feel that it's almost poinless considering I know the answer already. I've heard that some people do bleed, but I think that they have more brown discharge? I do not have brown, its AF color but no clots yet. Has anyone else experienced bleeding and BFP?

Thank you all for replying :)
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