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IVF/FET Aug/Sept 2011

Who's on the journey of IVF/FET for Aug/Sept 2011?
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Hello i will be a part of the journey. How exciting to know someone else will be going through this at the same time! Yay!
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I am with you both. am 33. first IVF cancelled in may 2011 due to poor response.after a cancelled cycle; my AF started yesterday after 50 days. and i start my BCP from tomorrow and egg retrieval planned in August. hope i respond better this time. this is a flare protocol this time i guess. good luck to both of you.

will keep you posted.
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Wow! I am wishing you luck. If my u/s goes well the beginning of aug. Then i will start the meds by the end of aug. Im so excited,but nervous too. My first ivf/icsi. Praying all goes well!
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I will be doing a FET, and received my transfer date today!!  Aug 30th!  So, I'm in girls!! : )
I didn't want to join a group until I got my actual transfer date....
We will be using donor embryos : )   Transferring 2 5 day blasts!  
Here we go Girls!  
I hope each and everyone of us receives a BFP!!!

~*~*~*~*~*  Baby dust!!!! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~
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Omg! Praying all goes well! Keep me posted!

Kim :0)
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Hey everyone,
I start meds on August 5 and if all goes well, transfer around Aug. 20.  I am doing ivf with icsi along with assisted hatching.  
Sending baby dust to all,
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Welcome Risa :). Our dates will be close together :).    I am excited for you!  Sending you tons of baby dust!!!
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Hi Risa, I am wishing you lottsa luck! I start my meds around the end of Aug. it will be interesting. :)
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Hi ladies,

I will be starting ivf late august and i am so excited to start again.  I wish all of you ladies luck and I can not wait to hear all the updates.
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I am on BCP right now. will go for BW and mock transfer this friday. and will start lupron this 11th August. this micro flare low dose lupron protocol sounds strange and unusual to me. my first cancelled one was longer on lupron.
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I am doing a fet in sept!!! Was going to start a forum to see if anyone else was in the same boat! So glad to see that others are!
I am on day 5 of a long protocol so I think the transfer with be a couple weeks into sept.
Can't wait to begin this journey!
Also I did a fresh ivf cycle in fall of 08 and had twin girls in april 09.
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Sounds like we have similar cycles. I am going for a mock transfer tomorrow and a sonohystogram. I will start lupron shots on aug 10.
What is a BW?
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