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Anyone getting ready to start IVF or Fet in October? I feel like these few weeks are taking forever to pass. I had A BFN few weeks back after FET and now have to wait for my day 21 after AF to start on drugs again, I just need to be completely in the POSITIVE ZONE and also share tips for greater chance of success,
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I think I am going to be on the same journey with you! =)  I am still trying to get over my BFN!  It is hard to get over it especially when they pump you up with so much meds!  I go to the RE tomorrow and I am going to see what he suggest we do next!  I will let you know how it turns out!  This is going be my 5th IVF cycle.  My 1st one was a success I have a 3yr old little girl but I also have 3 failed IVF's.
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I have twin boys 3 yrs this week,= 1st ivf. a lil girl girl 8 yrs.  = adoption.
I just cant understand why it worked first time and nt this time?? But it hasn't worked and now meds are out of my system i feel better. we have ttc naturally this month, lol really dont know why though as chances are next to none, but miracles happen everyday so you never know.
But i have to have my nxt AF before i can get ready for fet again. have you any lil snowbabies??? Hope we get our BFP soon x
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Hello ladies, I will join this October forum.  As you know just received a BFN about a week ago. October will be my last cycle so I will be bombarding God with my prayers, conversation, begging and pleading.  Good luck ladies and I look forward to your support going forth.
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I'm joining this forum too. A little history. TTC 2.5 yrs, 6 meds+IUI cycles which resulted in 2 chemical pregnancies and a blighted ovum. Had laparoscopic surgery and was told my fallopian tubes were too long and not in the ideal position to pick up eggs (never have heard of this and can't even find it on the web). So I opted for my first IVF. I'm excited, but really nervous. I have always considered IVF my fallback plan, so praying it works.  I have been on BC pills for 2.5 weeks and am starting Lupron injections Saturday, retrieval around Oct 9.  I couple quick questions.  The nurse said I could be on Lupron for 4 wks but that sounds wrong. Even three weeks would be close to my retrieval date.  Does this sound wrong to anyone else?  Also, does the retrieval hurt? Lots of luck to us.
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Hi girly, welcome aboard to this successful forum.  When the nurse said you can be on Lupron for that long, I believe she meant anywhere for that is the estimated time that frame.  Also the retrieval does not hurt as they put you under.  When you come through and get home you are a little sore, but nothing that you can't handle.  God bless you and welcome aboard.
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ooohhh ladies roll on october............. BFP's on this feed x
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Thanks! Glad to have buddies going through the same process.
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Hi ladies, how is everyone doing.  Have anyone actually started the process yet?
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Hello ladies,

Figured I would jump on board if you don't mind.  I'm just finishing up my BCP, U/S sunday morning and starting lupron on tuesday if all is well.  This will be our 3rd IVF attempt.  

A little background on me - TTC since 02/2009, 3 rounds of clomid=BFN, 2 failed IUI's, 1st IVF=BFP but miscarried at 7.5 weeks, 2nd IVF=BFN, 3rd IVF converted to IUI=BFN and last cycle was canceled due to drop in estrogen levels.

I am poor responder and also poor ovarian reserve.  RE doesn't seem to have much hope of me getting pregant using my own eggs but this is pretty much my only option.  DH doesn't like the idea of DE or adoption.  I only have 2 IUI's and 1 IVF left that will be covered by my insurance so hopefully something will happen soon.

Good luck to you all!!!
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I have  a good feeling this time round, im just guttered i have to wait til AF to start, arrrhhh.
hubby keeps saying how great it would be if we fell naturally this month,,,,, i keep thinking you know i could be,,,,, ! feeling so shattered and nt o any meds. However, it would be early days and i know chances are so slim.
I actually cant wait to start inj again. since getting my BFN 11 friends have fell pregs............. I know its selfish of me to feel so down about this, but one of them are thinking of abortion,,,, OMG i feel as though i could strangle her :( but still these are nt my babies and i have to keep positive that our turn is just around the corner,,,,, THINK POSITIVE LADIES, WE WILL BE PREGS SOON, X
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Here's to OCTOBER conceptions!! Baby dust all around. I'm 30 yrs old. TTC for 4 years. Currently on lupron starting to stim on Sept 28th. Hopful for a retrival the second week of Oct. Had a failed IVF retrival this time last year. Went into hyperstimulation. No good eggs were retirved. Hopful this time will be different. We are at a new clinic and feel much better about our current protocol. The team is handling us with kid gloves.
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wishinanhopin - good for you.  

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ooohhhh stim time soon, have to say , glad im nt doing that part again yet,,,, OHSS made me sooo poorly the first time, spent 2 weeks in special care, was too ill. but managed to get me a good ammount of embies in it, good luck and keep us up to date with your progress x
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Ok ladies received word from my doctor's office that we should be starting meds arount 9/26???  I'm happy but optimistic.
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Ok hi all! I too have joined the party. On my last 5 days of BCP. Start lupron today along with z pack (antibiotic). I have a tenative egg retreval date on october 10th. This is my first and only IVF and i pray it works as i have exhausted all other options and cant afford to keep going. I am also on prednisone daily which is a steroid. Im very excited and nervous! Ive gained wt the past two weeks and cant fit my clothes. Keep me posted on your stats!
Baby dust to all!
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So nice to meet all the ladies gearing up for October!!! I am throwing out soooo many positive vibes and prayers and good energy. Lets do this!!!

Berta 09 we are nearly on the same cycle. I start stimmin on Sept 28th. Hoping for a retrival around the 12th.

Tes645 Indeed stimming is the PITS. I seriously hope this the last stim cycle I ever have to go through. Just praying for some quality eggs.

Mindy1333 Hang in there. It's a long old road. I really hope this is your month. I know how hopless it can feel as you exhaust option after option.

Relkarmon Sorry about your recent BFN. We are all bombarding God with prayers for each other. I'm thinking he'll answer!!

Igayle were about in the same place cycle wise too.

MyYuyin2005 Sorry to hear about your struggle. It is however a ray of hope for us girls to hear stories of successful IVF's as well though. Thanks
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wishinanhopin, well said.  I have to take a deep breath....
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Looks like there are 7 of us so far. 7 is a lucky number!!!  Started Lupron yesterday and start my stims tomorrow.  Have been doing accupunture for a month or so, so hopefully that will help me also.  Still not feeling to optimistic, anxious to see what the u/s shows on sunday.  Pre-lupron U/S showed 11 follies ready and waiting 5 on one side 6 on the other.  PRAYING THIS WILL BE OUR MONTH!!!!

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Mindy1333 - 7 is a lucky ###.  Wow, starting stims exciting.  I had an accupunture appt today, but I cancelled.  Will cal in the early a.m. to try to get it again. but next week for sure.  I am projected to begin next week, but we all know it is up to AF.

All I can say is HERE WE GO AGAIN! :)
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I started lupron on Saturday, but I am still taking BC until the 23rd.  Is it normal to be on BC and lupron at the same time?  Since I'm on my 4th week of bc, my body keeps trying to have AF.  I'm just worried I'm not doing something right.  I called the nurse to make sure I understood right so I guess it is ok. My first u/s is on the 29th.
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You know I have never been on both at one time.  I am on BC until the 26th, but all thorughout my 5 cycles, never the two.  google and see what you come up with.
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jus an update, im waitin for af to show, then 21 days later to start gettin ready for transfer. so i have asked a local place about accupunture and they say they only do it for back, is this where your suppose to have it? where do they do the accupuntucure on body?????
anyone tried reflexology?
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Hi ladies, Hope you dont mind that I join?! I just got a BFN on my first ivf/icsi on sept. 16th. :( Oct. 3rd we meet with the Dr. to start a game plan for FET!we have two embies that made it to freezing. So I will be on the roller coaster again. :)
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I am also on BCP with Lupron. I started Lupron on the 20th and will take my last BCP on the 24th. Apparently it is very common to overlap the two. No worries. When do you start to stim? I am waiting for AF then I will start menopure and follostim. I don't have an appointment for first u/s yet because I don't know when I will start my stim. So, why accupuncture? Is it really supposed to help with success? I guess I don't get how unless it's used for a stress releiver.
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